Implementation Measures

Board of Directors

Mitsui Chemicals’ Board of Directors holds meetings oncea month as a rule to make decisions concerning key business management issues. At the meetings, individual directors report on business management status, financial conditions, business achievements and other topics and Board members discuss and make appropriate dicisions.

Executive Officer System

Mitsui Chemicals has adopted an Executive Officer System to clarify the roles and responsibilities relating to the company’s management supervision function and its business management function. This system is effective for the speed up of management decision-making and allow our various divisions to carry out their work smoothly and quickly.

Corporate Audits and Internal Audits

Corporate Auditors attend important meetings, including those of the board of directors, to regularly communicate with top management and others. They also receive and check documents of the approval for decisions by business managing directors and minutes of important meetings. Another task of Corporate Auditors is to communicate with the independent accounting auditor and the Management Audit Division, an internal organization, about their respective annual auditing plans, auditing results, and others, in order to promote mutual cooperation in auditing. The Management Audit Division monitors accounts and business operations in our group based on the annual plan discussed and formulated by the Management Committee, and reports the Management Committee of the findings.

Management Committee

Mitsui Chemicals has established the Management Committee to debate those issues to be referred to the Board of Directors that require prior discussion and key issues concerning business management so that decisionmaking is proper and efficient.

Risk Management Committee

We have adopted the Mitsui Chemicals Group Risk Management System to ensure early detection of risks and prevent those risks from manifesting themselves. We have organized the Risk Management Committee, chaired by a director in charge, to draw up risk management policies and maintain and operate the system.