Risk and Compliance

Risk Management Policy

The Mitsui Chemicals Group has put in place its Group Risk Management Policy. In this manner, the Group has clarified the risk management principles to adopted with respect to daily tasks and duties.

Group Risk Management Policy

Basic Objectives

  1. To confirm that all employees are fully aware of the importance of risk management
  2. To confirm that a structured and systematic risk management system is in place
  3. To confirm that the line management of risks is firmly entrenched and the definitive steps have been taken to employ a PDCA cycle

Basic Stance

  1. Line managers steadfastly carry out PDCA procedures as a part of efforts to manage the risks that arise in the natural course of daily business activities
  2. All employees who have come into the possession of risk-related information report to their line managers in a timely manner
  3. All employees proactively cooperate and share with other departments any risk-related information that has come into possession
  4. Each and every employee must take the initiative and realize that he or she maintains the same responsibilities as the officer in charge of risk management. Every effort must be made to constantly fine tune sensitivities toward risk