Risk and Compliance

Risk Management Framework

At the Mitsui Chemicals Group, we carefully control all risks that could potentially threaten our business activities, to earn the trust of our shareholders, customers, members of the local community and all other stakeholders, and to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

Risk Management System

We introduced the Mitsui Chemicals Risk Management System to quickly identify risks and prevent them from materializing. The system involves identifying key risks within the annual budget of each Group company or division, undertaking an analysis of the status of risk, and implementing measures accordingly.
We also use tools such as compliance checklists as part of a risk management PDCA cycle that is designed to monitor progress with risk management measures and prevent risks from materializing.

PDCA: Plan, Do, Check, Act

Risk Management System

Risk Management System

Risk & Compliance Committee

The Risk & Compliance Committee (chaired by the director in charge of risk and compliance) was established as a separate entity in order to put in place specific policies, strategies, and plans that address risk as well as compliance concerns, a priority CSR area of the Mitsui Chemicals Group.
This Committee is charged with the responsibility of garnering the trust of the Group’s stakeholders and providing support to each division as well as each Group company in their efforts to manage risk and ensure that Mitsui Chemicals fulfills its corporate social responsibility. In addition, the Internal Control Division undertakes operating audits and conducts interviews to assess the status of risk management at each Group company and division. Findings of the Internal Control Division are then reported to the Risk & Compliance Committee.
As a result of these endeavors, and carrying on from fiscal 2014, there were no breaches of statutory or regulatory requirements including rules and matters of a major nature that affected the Group’s social standing, business operations, earnings and other key parameters in fiscal 2015.

Structure of Our Risk Management System