CSR Report 2016 Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

In producing the CSR Report 2016, our goal is to maintain a dialog with our stakeholders as we work toward the sustainable growth and development of society. The report shines a light on the Group’s three-axis management (economy, environment and society), with a focus on environmental and social initiatives. Taking advantage of the unique features of online media, we have thoroughly edited the comprehensive content with the aim of making it more varied, readable, and accessible. A booklet version of the CSR Report will not be published in fiscal 2016.
To understand more about our activities related to creating new value over the medium to long term, which is the Group’s aim, please refer to the Mitsui Chemicals Report that we are publishing with the aim of reporting comprehensively on the strategies of three-axis management and its achievements.

Scope of the Report


Our 2016 report covers activities during fiscal 2015 (April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016).
It may also include data relating to more recent activities however, from April 2016 onwards.

Scope of Compilation Data

Taking the Mitsui Chemicals Group as its basis, any references in this report that fall outside that basis are stated in the text.

Referenced Guidelines

  • ISO26000
  • Global Reporting Initiative(GRI):4 version
  • Environmental Reporting Guideline 2012 (Ministry of the Environment)
  • Environmental Accounting Guideline 2005 (Ministry of the Environment)

About the Cover

Carrying on from the previous year, we adopted an artwork under the control of Able Art Company for our principal visual concept in fiscal 2016. This year’s image features multicolored hands coming together to convey the Mitsui Chemicals Group’s desire to solve social problems through its business activities while deepening communications with its stakeholders.

Friends holding hands Artist: Shuhei Otsuki

Words said to him from back in his childhood days—“let’s be friends and hold hands”—have been indelibly etched in Shuhei Otsuki’s mind. More than 20 of the works of art that Mr. Otsuki has created over many years have been characterized by a hand motif. Pasting together pieces of paper cut in the shape of hands, the layered patterns convey a sense of warmth owing to the exquisite balance of interconnected hands.
With much of the artwork created just after he had taken a relaxing bath, it took about a month for Mr. Otsuki to painstakingly apply the various colors in order to complete the work.

Able Art Company
An organization that provides intermediary support by providing opportunities for work and commercializing the artworks of artists with disabilities. Able Art Company was established to create an environment in which artists with disabilities can work. The organization serves as a conduit between artists with disabilities and commercial end users interested in incorporating their art into designs and products.