Strengthening Our Global Management Foundation: Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management
Approach to Personnel Development

Based on its Human Resources Management Policy, the Mitsui Chemicals Group develops human resources able to work on the world stage from a long-term perspective.
To foster human resources able to create value demanded by society while engaging with global markets and interacting with colleagues on a daily basis, our basic approach to developing human resources is to proactively support employees who aim to grow on their own.

Qualities of a Global Leader

  • Able to strategically and efficiently lead global business development
  • Able to rapidly develop business in regions in tune with regional characteristics

Global Human Resources Management Strategy

We focus on developing global human resources with the objective of accelerating global management.
Overseas business expansion requires exceptional human resources who are intimately familiar with local conditions. It is also important to strengthen global leadership and management capabilities to coordinate bases in Japan with bases overseas. As a medium-term initiative, the Mitsui Chemicals Group promotes global human resource management in a bid to methodically develop global leaders that fit its vision of global human resources, by securing talented personnel with diverse backgrounds and optimally assigning these personnel to bases around the world.
As platforms to implement the global human resource management system, we established common global competencies, human resources databases, and grading, assignment frameworks, and compensation systems.

To nurture the next generation of management personnel, we are proactively offering overseas practical job training to young and mid-career employees, sending employees in Japan to posts overseas, and sending local hires overseas to positions in Japan.
We have also put in place the Mitsui Chemicals Academy in a bid to globally standardize and share training programs that focus on spreading our corporate culture and strengthening leadership abilities. Through these training programs, a number of leaders in their 40s have emerged at overseas affiliates. Progress has also been made promoting locally hired staff to key positions. Currently, 45% of our general managers at overseas affiliates are locals, and we aim to raise this ratio to 60% by 2018. We are also promoting locals to positions of president and vice president. (This excludes cases of mergers and acquisitions.)

In fiscal 2015, we updated both our succession plans for key positions inside and outside Japan as well as our key talent management, which comprises screening standards and training processes for next-generation management candidates. In fiscal 2016, we began to implement these initiatives in earnest, working across the Group to accelerate global management.

Promotions of locally hired staff

Providing Local Staff with Opportunities to Excel ー Mitsui Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd.

Toward Genuine Management Localization

My role is to swiftly expand the Mitsui Chemicals Group’s business in India.
With this in mind, I am convinced the shortest path to success is for people who have spent their lives in India and are seeking to further enrich their lives to carry out their assigned tasks after carefully considering what steps are required to secure business growth. For this reason, I recognize nurturing local staff and promoting the localization of management are of the utmost importance.
Key to these endeavors is for all employees to fully accept and understand the Mitsui Chemicals way. This begins with the Group’s vision and core values. Rather than settle for the appointment of a select few employees, it is important we put in place a mechanism and culture that enables employees to seek out market opportunities and motivates them to think independently about how best to link these opportunities with genuine business activities. I strongly believe that this will in turn lead to the genuine localization of management.

Toshihiro Omura
Managing Director
Appointed in January 2014
A participant in the Group’s Global Leadership Program in 2012

Conveying to Young Employees the Mitsui Chemicals‘ History and Culture and Helping Them Achieve Their Goals

In the ninth year since its establishment, Mitsui Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd. remains a company overflowing with youthful vitality. Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., on the other hand, has a history spanning more than 100 years and its own rich culture. A part of this culture is the reliability that fosters a deep sense of trust. Bringing these qualities together in India, a market exhibiting powerful growth, the opportunity exists for employees to thrive in concert with the company. This is in fact a major motivating force. I believe that my role is to convey to young employees Mitsui Chemicals’ history and culture. It is my responsibility to nurture staff and to lead them to achieve established goals.
Another necessity for promoting business in India is the establishment of strong ties of trust between the Mitsui Chemicals’ head office and local operations. Quickly advancing various measures is also important. Moving forward, I would like to see us put in place strategies that match the needs of the local market and expand business while promoting initiatives on a trial and error basis and engaging in frank discussions.

Suraj Arya
Deputy Managing Director
Appointed in April 2016
A participant in the Group’s Global Leadership Program in 2016

Our Diverse, Young and Talented Team is the Driving Force of Our Growth

Mitsui Chemicals India (MCIND) was established in 2008. The culture at MCIND is vibrant, caring, youthful and always moving forward because of its balanced mix of visionary leaders, innovative managers and hardworking staff members

Top management ensures that each member is aligned with the global vision and mission of the organization by engaging in clear communication and setting appropriate goals for team members. They ensure our growth and development through a variety of seminars, conferences and leadership programs.

MCIND trusts its employees, makes them feel valued and ensures their contributions to the growth of the organization are recognized at all levels. Employees are instilled with the ability to become leaders and provided the freedom to explore new horizons.

Unifying employees with diverse perspectives helps MCIND make better decisions and complete tasks successfully as it allows Team India to analyze problems from multiple angles and come up with effective and innovative solutions.

We—the members of Team MCIND—are proud to work at this company.

Rajni Srivastava,
Senior Manager, Human Resources

Priti Sahoo,
Junior Executive, General Affairs & Administration

Respect for Diversity — Diversity & Inclusion

It is vital that we have a corporate culture that respects diversity in order to strategically promote exceptional personnel.
The Mitsui Chemicals Group established the Promotion and Development of Women Team in 2006, to improve the work environment and provide training for career advances.
In 2011, this team was reorganized into the Diversity Promotion Team to include cross-cultural awareness in a rapidly changing business environment of globalization. Making a fresh start as the Diversity Promotion Department in 2015, we have commenced initiatives to address changing values about work styles and raise awareness of diversifying career paths among employees.
In Japan, we set up a team dedicated to supporting foreign employees at work and in their private lives and established a career consultation office for helping employees shape their own careers. In these and other ways, we have strengthened our systems for supporting the livelihoods of each and every employee without regard to their gender or nationality.
We have also set up a program dedicated to helping foreign employees maintain their lifestyles while working in Japan, as well as a career consultation service that encourages employees to be proactive about their careers. We continue to enhance our systems to support each and every employee regardless of their gender or nationality.
To promote work-life balance, we are enhancing support systems, such as shortened work hours, leave for nursing care, and assistance for baby sitter and caregiving services. We are working diligently to create environments that facilitate work for employees who hold diverse values.
The Mitsui Chemicals Group proactively employs people with disabilities, and has met the legally mandated ratio for employing persons with disabilities since fiscal 2004.
We continue to focus efforts on providing work environments and fostering a corporate culture that supports persons with disabilities.