CSR in the Mitsui Chemicals Group

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The Mitsui Chemicals Group engages in CSR activities based on the concept of realizing its corporate mission through its main businesses. We are undertaking a diverse array of activities to be a company that is trusted and highly valued by all stakeholders and that employees can be proud of.

Commitment to ISO 26000

ISO 26000, the international standard for social responsibility, was released in November 2010. Applicable to all organizations not just companies, the standard provides guidance specifying an organization's social responsibilities and how they should go about fulfilling those responsibilities.
Unlike other ISO standards, there is no certification requirement with ISO 26000. As a company that has always been receptive to feedback from stakeholders and made every effort to incorporate stakeholders' opinions into its activities however, the Mitsui Chemicals Group nonetheless operates in accordance with this ISO guidance because it helps the Group to reaffirm the importance of its initiatives and assign priorities. Moreover, in following ISO 26000, we are better positioned to confirm the nature of our various activities from an external perspective.
We will be using the following format to outline our initiatives, in line with the seven core social responsibilities subjects set out under ISO 26000.