CSR in the Mitsui Chemicals Group

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The Mitsui Chemicals Group engages in CSR activities based on the concept of realizing its corporate mission through its main businesses. We are undertaking a diverse array of activities to be a company that is trusted and highly valued by all stakeholders and that employees can be proud of.

CSR Management

The Mitsui Chemicals Group is engaging in business activities that underpin efforts aimed at contributing to society as well as the assumptions and foundation of its corporate existence such as risk management, legal compliance, safety, Responsible Care and social contribution. In this manner, the Group is endeavoring to meet the requirements of a variety of stakeholders and to ensure its sustainable development in concert with society.
In addition to setting up the CSR, Risk & Compliance and Responsible Care committees, Mitsui Chemicals is pushing forward a host of initiatives. This includes putting in place related policies, strategies and plans as well as a structure to monitor activities and review results.
With this in mind, supervisory CSR departments have been set up at each of our sites, branches and affiliates. Under this structure, we are working to promote CSR in line with their respective characteristics, while also reinforcing collaboration within the Group.

CSR Promotion Framework

CSR Committee

Mitsui Chemicals’ CSR Committee, which is chaired by the President is responsible for discussing and finalizing matters related to the implementation of a PDCA cycles with respect to a wide range of issues including plans and policies relating to CSR activities within the Mitsui Chemicals Group.
Membership of the CSR Committee was extended to include the heads of all divisions within the Company (directors and business sector presidents) in fiscal 2010. This initiative was aimed at aligning the Group’s business activities more closely with its CSR measures thereby facilitating efforts to help resolve social issues. At the same time, extending membership also serves to promote in-depth and specific discussions. Having clarified the direction of our CSR activities and emphasizing the need to help resolve social issues through every facet of our business, we recognize that close collaboration with each business sector through the CSR Committee forum will also become increasingly important going forward.

Risk & Compliance Committee

The Risk & Compliance Committee has been established as a separate entity from the CSR Committee in order to put in place specific policies, strategies, and plans in the areas of risk management and regulatory compliance.

Responsible Care Committee

The Company has established the Responsible Care Committee as a separate entity from the CSR Committee. Among its various duties, the Responsible Care Committee puts forward policies, strategies and plans and evaluates the performance of RC-related activities.

CSR Promotion Framework

CSR Promotion Framework

Coordinating CSR with the Mid-Term Business Plan

In the process of formulating our 2014 Mid-Term Business Plan, we discussed the future concept and direction of the Group’s CSR and further clarified what we consider important, namely helping to solve social challenges through business activities. Going forward, we will also promote CSR activities in conjunction with the Mid-Term Business Plan.