Chemicals Management

Voluntary safety management efforts by companies, as well as compliance with all laws and regulations, are required in order to achieve WSSD goals. In its efforts to expand its business worldwide, the Mitsui Chemicals Group works diligently to ascertain the latest trends in chemical management policies and to comply with the laws and regulations of each country on a timely basis. In addition to the above, the Group also endeavors to evaluate and manage risks throughout the entire product life cycle from the development to the disposal of products. In this manner, the Mitsui Chemicals Group is actively engaged in protecting human health and the environment.

Management System


Based on our Responsible Care Policy, we engage in chemicals management in order to ensure human health and reduce our environmental impact, through compliance with the chemical regulations of each country as well as product risk assessments.

System and Responsible Officers

The Responsible Care Committee creates policies, strategies and plans related to chemicals management, evaluates performance and reviews the responsible care system. An officer is appointed to each department that is engaged in chemicals management. In addition to clarifying roles, responsibilities and authority through internal regulations, we promote chemicals management as a part of our Group-wide Responsible Care activities.

Monitoring Methods

The Responsible Care Committee convenes periodically to review the progress of chemicals management plans and to evaluate performance.

Achievements and Reviews

The results of chemicals management are reported and reviewed at each Responsible Care Committee meeting. The results of each review are reflected in plans for the next fiscal year after taking into account the interest and requirements of Society as well as changes in the environment.

Goals and Results

Goals for Fiscal 2015

  • Respond appropriately to trends in the chemical statutory and regulatory requirements of each country
  • Strengthen the chemical safety technologies that support priority businesses
  • Promote activities that raise product value

Fiscal 2015 Results and Assessment

Level achieved: A

  • Respond appropriately to trends in the chemical statutory and regulatory requirements of each country:
    We are systematically complying with all of the enacted and amended laws in each country and recorded zero violations.
  • Strengthen the chemical safety technologies that support priority businesses:
    We are strengthening safety evaluation technologies relating to the Healthcare business as well as the platform required to conduct evaluations.
    We are strengthening the structure of chemicals management in R&D by assigning persons in charge to research laboratories.
  • Promote activities that raise product value:
    We are in the process of systematically promoting the risk assessment of existing products in a bid to achieve WSSD goals.

Priorities for Fiscal 2016

  • Undertake a response to the chemical regulations of each country in order to ensure the smooth running of our business
  • Strengthen assessment technologies in order to accelerate priority businesses
  • Promote risk assessment and risk management based on Product Stewardship
Product stewardship (PS) :
Activities focusing on preserving the environment, human health, and safety across the entire life cycle of products, from development to final disposal.
Levels of achievement based on self-assessment: A: 95% or more, B: 70% or more and less than 95%, C: less than 70%