Environmental Protection

Introduction to Activities at Production Sites

Mitsui Chemicals’ production sites hold meetings to exchange opinions with members of local communities regarding its environmental preservation initiatives.

・ Osaka Works

The Osaka Works held a regional opinion exchange meeting with members of 16 residents’ associations in Takaishi City on June 12, 2015. On that day, we provided an overview of the Works, conducted a plant tour by bus, and subsequently held a lively exchange of opinions about safety and disaster preparedness, particularly our earthquake and tsunami measures. Participants had many questions and opinions about our efforts to respond to a large earthquake and tsunami along the Nankai Trough.

・ Ichihara Works

We held a plant tour for women residing in the local community on November 10, 2015 and an opinion exchange meeting with the chairperson of a local neighborhood association on December 2, 2015. During these events, we received opinions such as “the size of the plant is overwhelming,” and “it is reassuring that your waste treatment measures are thorough.”

・ Omuta Works

On October 7, 2015, we invited residents of the surrounding community and related government agencies that consistently provide us with guidance to a meeting for exchanging opinions centered on our safety and environmental protection initiatives. Among the opinions we received, some participants thought that “Omuta’s environment is better than before; I would like to see you continue undertaking environmental protection measures in the future,” and “I got a sense that employees are highly aware of preventing accidents.”

Looking ahead, Mitsui Chemicals will strive to make its Works even safer and more secure based on the cooperation with government and neighboring companies as well as the opinions of local residents.

Regional opinion exchange meeting at the Osaka Works