Environmental Protection

Reducing Industrial Waste

The Mitsui Chemicals Group has identified the ongoing targets of minimizing industrial waste at domestic manufacturing sites and achieving an average percentage of industrial waste by overseas affiliates of 1% or less.
The Group was again successful at minimizing industrial waste at all domestic production sites including domestic affiliated companies in fiscal 2015 and has continued to minimize industrial waste for five consecutive years since fiscal 2011.
With an average landfill rate for final industrial waste at our overseas affiliates of approximately 0.4%, we have now maintained a rate of 1% or less for seven straight years since fiscal 2009. In spite of the numerous challenges that we need to overcome to promote minimization at our overseas sites, with waste treatment regulations and industrial structures varying from one country to another, we are nonetheless committed to reducing and recycling waste at all of our companies in order to conserve resources. We will continue to work as a group to reduce final landfill waste.

Any minor discrepancies in percentages are due to rounding.
Waste generated: Sludge (dry weight), waste plastics, soot and dust, etc.
Amount reduced: Amount reduced as a result of waste plastic incineration, waste acid neutralization, etc.
Amount recycled: Includes waste plastic recycling and the reuse of waste oil as fuel

The industrial waste process
(Fiscal 2015 Mitsui Chemicals non-consolidated)

Average landfill disposal rate for industrial waste

The process of reducing industrial waste disposal (fiscal 2015)