Responsible Care Policy and Management

Responsible Care Audits

We conduct environment & safety (environmental preservation, process safety, disaster prevention, chemicals safety, occupational safety), occupational health and quality audits every year, in order to objectively evaluate the effective implementation of responsible care (RC) activities at our works, factories, business divisions, laboratories as well as subsidiaries and affiliates all over the world, and to provide guidance. Auditors, who are selected after completing specific procedures and include the heads of the Internal Control Division and the RC & Quality Assurance Division as well as industrial physicians, conduct audits focusing primarily on the progress made with respect to key challenges set out in annual plans and the level of improvement regarding observations issued following the previous year’s audit.

Working with the relevant supervising division, worldwide subsidiaries and affiliates are audited on a regular basis. In addition to ascertaining the current status of Responsible Care activities and providing guidance, audits are also aimed at improving the overall standard of Responsible Care activities throughout the Mitsui Chemicals Group. We make every effort to carry out audits as effectively as possible, and determine the frequency of audits and key criteria carefully, taking into account such factors as the level of environment, safety and quality management at each subsidiary or affiliate.

【Audits conducted in fiscal 2015】

All audits were completed according to the annual plan of fiscal 2015.
Audits were completed at 93% of all business facilities subject to audits during the three-year period from 2013 to 2015. Certain levels were also confirmed by way of internal audits for those facilitiess where a third-party certification was not acquired. Plans are in place to complete audits of the remaining 7% of places of business during the period from 2016 to 2019.

Results of Responsible Care Audits in Fiscal 2015

Company Business
Environmental Safety, Occupational Health Quality
Internal Audit ISO
Internal Audit
Japan Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. Kashima Works
Ichihara Works
Mobara Branch Factory
Nagoya Works
Osaka Works
Iwakuni-Ohtake Works
Omuta Works
Sodegaura Center      
MC Industries, Ltd. Shimizu Factory
Kaibara Factory  
Saxin Corporation -
Sun Alloys Co., Ltd. -    
Sun Medical Co., Ltd. -     ISO
In the planning stage
Sunrex Industry Co., Ltd. -  
Shimonoseki Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. -  
Japan Composite Co., Ltd. Shimizu Factory  
Toyo Beauty Supply Corporation -     ISO
Prime Polymer Co., Ltd. (Head Office)     * 1  
Hokkaido Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. -      
Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc. (Head Office)     * 2  
Utsunomiya Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Utsunomiya Works     * 4
Funaoka Factory     * 4
Shinshiro Factory     * 4
Tosu Factory     * 4
Mitsui Chemicals Industrial Products, Ltd. Saitama Office  
Otake Office * 1
Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc. (Head Office)     * 2
Katsuta Factory   * 5
Ibaraki Factory   * 5
Koga Factory   * 5
Hamamatsu Factory   * 5
Anjo Factory   * 5
Mitsui Fine Chemicals, Inc. (Head Office)     * 2  
Mitsui Chemicals & SKC Polyurethanes Inc. (Japan Head Office)     * 2  
Tokuyama Factory  
Yamamoto Chemicals, Inc. Yao Factory  
Omuta Works  
China Mitsui Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd. Head Office     * 2  
Technical Center       * 6
Tianjin Cosmo Polyurethane Co., Ltd. Tianjin  
Mitsui Chemicals Nonwovens (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. -      
Shanghai Sinopec Mitsui Elastomers Co., Ltd. -     In the planning stage   In the planning stage
Mitsui Advanced Composites (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. -  
Zhang Jia Gang Free Trade Zone Mitsui Linkupon Advanced Material, Inc. -   ISO
Foshan Mitsui Chemicals Polyurethanes Co., Ltd. -    
Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific, Ltd. Technical Center       * 6
Grand Siam Composites Co., Ltd. Works ISO
In the planning stage
Mitsui Hygiene Materials (Thailand) Co., Ltd. -
Siam Mitsui PTA Co., Ltd. Works
SThai PET Resin Co., Ltd. Works
Thai Mitsui Specialty Chemicals Co., Ltd. Works
Cosmo Scientex (M) Sdn. Bhd. Works
MCNS Polyurethanes Malaysia Sdn Bhd Works  
PT. MCNS Polyurethanes Indonesia Works  
P.T. PETnesia Resindo Works
Mitsui Chemicals Singapore R&D Centre Pte. Ltd. -       * 6
Mitsui Elastomers Singapore Pte. Ltd. Works
Mitsui Phenols Singapore Pte. Ltd. Works
Prime Evolue Singapore Pte. Ltd. Works     In the planning stage   In the planning stage
SDC Technologies Asia Pacific, Pte. Ltd. Works     In the planning stage In the planning stage
Mitsui Chemicals India, Pvt. Ltd. -     * 2  
Mitsui Prime Advanced Composites India, Pvt.Ltd. Works  
USA Mitsui Chemicals America, Inc. -     * 2  
Advanced Composites, Inc. Ohio Plant ISO
Tennessee Plant ISO
Advanced Composites Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. -   ISO
Anderson Development Company -  
Image Polymers Company, LLC Works * 3  
SDC Technologies, Inc. -    
Europe Mitsui Chemicals Europe GmbH -     * 2  
Acomon S.R.L. -   In the planning stage
Included in the of Mitsui Chemical parent company works
Does not maintain a manufacturing or other applicable department and therefore falls outside the scope of audit requirements
Located within the place of business of another company and therefore falls outside the scope of audit requirements
Conducted by Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc.
Conducted by Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc.
Does not handle products and therefore falls outside the scope of quality internal audit requirements