Responsible Care Policy and Management

Roll Out to Subsidiaries and Affiliates

Mitsui Chemicals is rolling out Responsible Care activities to subsidiaries and affiliates in Japan and overseas as a part of efforts to promote Responsible Care across the Group as a whole. In addition to providing an explanation of the Responsible Care Policy revised in fiscal 2015 to overseas subsidiaries and affiliates, discussions were conducted to deepen understanding toward Responsible Care. Certain overseas subsidiaries and affiliates take the initiative and actively participate in the Responsible Care endeavors of local industry associations. These initiatives have been widely acclaimed.

Global Network and SHE Meetings

Mitsui Chemicals is building an information network across the five regions where its subsidiaries and affiliates operate: China, Asia, Europe, the Americas and Japan as its center. This network gathers Responsible Care-related information from industry associations located in each region, which after being summarized and analyzed by the head office is shared throughout the Mitsui Chemicals Group.
As part of the Responsible Care activity programs in each region, the Company holds SHE (Safety, Health, and the Environment) meetings that gather together the staff in charge of Responsible Care of various subsidiaries and affiliates. SHE meetings provide opportunities for participants to learn from each other by analyzing process accidents, occupational injuries and other case studies as well as learning best practices.

Regional activity (Asia Pacific)

Regional activity (Americas)

Regional activity (China)

Evaluation of the Responsible Care Activities of Overseas Subsidiaries and Affiliates

The Responsible Care (RC) Activities of Overseas Subsidiaries and Affiliates Are Becoming Firmly Entrenched and Attracting Acclaim from Outside Parties.


Mitsui Chemicals received the RC Merit Award from the Chinese Association of International Chemical Manufacturers.
This award recognizes the outstanding nature of Responsible Care activities and contributions to the sustainable development of the Chinese chemical industry and Chinese society as a whole. In this instance, the contributions of Mitsui Chemicals’ Group companies in the region through such activities as sponsorships of national university student chemical design contests and donations to rebuild a dilapidated elementary school received high praise.

Tianjin Cosmo Polyurethane Co., Ltd. received a “Platinum” ranking from SMBC China and became the first company to receive the SMBC China Environmental Assessment Loan of the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (China) Limited.


MITSUI PHENOLS SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. received the RC Gold Award for its occupational health and safety endeavors and the RC Achievement Award in recognition of the company’s outstanding emergency response, environmental conservation and process safety prevention performance. Meanwhile, MITSUI ELASTOMERS SINGAPORE PTE LTD received also received an RC Achievement Award. Each of these awards was presented by the Singapore Chemical Industry Council.