Responsible Care Policy and Management

Responsible Care Implementation

Mitsui Chemicals engages in activities across the six clearly defined functional categories of environmental protection, process safety and disaster prevention, occupational health and safety, chemicals management, quality management, and logistic safety. These functional categories conform to the Responsible Care Management Codes of the Japan Chemical Industry Association.
Responsible Care activities are undertaken across the Mitsui Chemicals Group as a whole. This includes the support provided with respect to the specific initiatives of domestic and overseas subsidiaries and affiliates by the departments that oversee each functional category.

Responsible Care Functions of Mitsui Chemicals Group

Responsible Care Promotion System

Our Responsible Care Committee, chaired by the senior executive director who is responsible for the Responsible Care Committee and comprised of the general managers of the departments that oversee each functional category and the general managers in charge of each business sector, periodically formulate policies, strategies and plans, evaluate performance and review Responsible Care systems in connection with the Group’s Responsible Care activities. Reports outlining discussions and topics covered at each meeting are then submitted to the Management Committee. Steps are being taken to ensure executives’ commitment to Responsible Care activities.

Responsible Care Promotion System Centered on the Responsible Care (RC) Committee

We constantly share information between departments in charge of Responsible Care functions and work to promote Responsible Care activities that involve the Company as a whole. We also appoint a member of staff in charge of Responsible Care in each division and department (RC Officer), and roll out Responsible Care-related policies and strategies across the Mitsui Chemicals Group as a whole through RC Officer meetings. Based on these policies and strategies, specific Responsible Care activities are carried out by individual departments including each works and division.
Meetings are also held with domestic subsidiaries and affiliates to share information. Moreover, steps are taken to share policies related to Responsible Care activities as well as activity results. Turning to overseas subsidiaries and affiliates, SHE meetings are held by region. In addition to sharing policies and strategies relating to Responsible Care, every effort is being made to promote Responsible Care throughout the Group as a whole.
Audits are conducted on a periodic basis to assess the status of Responsible Care activity implementation. In addition to forming the base for further guidance, the results of each audit are reflected in efforts to put in place new plans going forward.

Operational Flow of Responsible Care (RC) Activities