We are committed to continually improving the level of quality management here at the Mitsui Chemicals Group, under our Responsible Care Policy. We also make every effort to improve the quality of our products and services so as to increase customer satisfaction even further.

Management System


Under ourResponsible Care Policy, we have identified details of our quality structure and other key issues such as PDCA procedures as basic matters concerning quality management in our internal regulations. In addressing these basic matters and carrying out the appropriate procedures, we are providing products and services that foster the trust and satisfaction of customers.

System and Responsible Officers

The director of the Responsible Care Committee is the person responsible and the RC & Quality Assurance Division controls quality management for the entire Mitsui Chemicals Group in Japan and overseas. Under this structure, every effort is made to improve product and service quality in all divisions and further raise customer satisfaction.

Monitoring Methods

Steps are taken to review and approve quality management and quality assurance systems at the product and service design and development stages. After the launch of a products or service, steps are taken to analyze quality complaints and to perform quality audits on business divisions, works, as well as subsidiaries and affiliates, and to inspect the implementation status of quality management.

Achievements and Reviews

An analysis of customer complaints and malfunctions in the production process was undertaken. Relevant information was applied across works as well as subsidiaries and affiliates. These results and the quality management implementation status of each division were consolidated by the RC & Quality Assurance Division, reviewed by the Responsible Care Committee and then shared Companywide.

Goals and Results

Goals for Fiscal 2015

  • Minimize quality complaints in pursuit of customer satisfaction

Fiscal 2015 Results and Assessment

Level achieved: A

  • Customer quality complaints for the past three years have remained at the lowest level ever.
  • The Company has begun applying specific principles for global quality management in order to maintain and improve the level of quality management at subsidiaries and affiliated companies.

The Mitsui Chemicals Group’s Global Quality Management Principles

The Mitsui Chemicals Group makes every effort to increase customer satisfaction via a two-pronged approach to quality management, based on quality control ("built-in quality activities") and quality assurance ("activities that win over customers’ trust"). In this regard, the Company has identified the following principles.

1.Customer-oriented products and services

2.Ensure objective and transparent quality assurance

3.Put in place a framework that allows the stable supply of products

4.Create a more open corporate culture

Priorities for Fiscal 2016

  • Uncover high-quality risk factors and consider preventive measures while addressing customer complaints as a matter of course for all products.
  • Build a quality assurance system for new business and products in a variety of fields for example the Mobility and Food & Packaging domains.
Levels of achievement based on self-assessment: A: 95% or more, B: 70% or more and less than 95%, C: less than 70%