Occupational Health and Safety

Introduction to Safety Activities at Production Sites

Each Works at Mitsui Chemicals takes a bottom-up approach to plant operations through small-group activities. Typical examples of specific activities are as follows.

・ Ichihara Works

On May 25, 2016, the Ichihara Works (including Mobara Branch Factory) held a presentation of its small team work activities for fiscal 2015. Reports were given on successful activities by the 10 teams from the Manufacturing Department, Technical Department, and affiliated companies. We anticipate major contributions to safe and stable operations going forward owing to the amazing successes seen in such areas as technical transfers, increasing operational efficiency, and cost cutting.

Ichihara Works’ presentation of its small team work activities

・ Omuta Works

On February 5, 2016, Omuta Works held a presentation on 5S activities. With 236 people participating, 12 teams gave spirited presentations on their activities. The 12 teams represent such organizations as the Manufacturing Department, Technical Department, and the Omuta Works’ R&D laboratory.
The General Manager of Omuta Works summed up his review of the event by commenting: "The Omuta Works is a lively place to work thanks to 5S-related activities being steadily undertaken, especially by younger employees."

Omuta Works 5S activities presentation

・ Osaka Works

On June 19, 2015, Osaka Works held a presentation on MCOS companywide small team work activities. MCOS refers to MC Operation Support, a spin-off company that provides production support for Mitsui Chemicals, mainly overseeing disaster prevention security services, filling/packaging, and operations/operational support at key domestic production sites. Among the 120 participants (including the Director of the Production & Technology Center and the General Manager of Osaka Works representing Mitsui Chemicals) on that day, 11 teams—including those representing Ichihara Works (north), Omuta Works (south), and subcontractors—gave enthusiastic reports. We expect these superb workplace-focused presentations to steadily underpin the foundations of each Works going forward.

MCOS Companywide small team activity presentation

Instruction in Hazard Prediction (KY) as well as Pointing and Calling

At the Safety & Environment Technology Division, we have been supporting occupational safety-related efforts to eliminate occupational accidents at affiliated companies inside and outside Japan since fiscal 2006.
Included in this support, we have been continuously holding KY (kiken yochi: hazard prediction) training with the particular aim of entrenching important hazard prediction activities. Entrenching KY activities requires developing key persons able to provide hazard prediction training at each affiliated company. Advanced training held at certain companies has been increasingly effective. Going forward, we will offer support for developing key persons at all affiliated companies.
We will lend our wholehearted support to overseas subsidiaries and affiliates that have voluntarily begun to develop KY instructors and create their own training systems.

KY training sessions

  FY2013 FY2014 FY2015
Domestic Subsidiaries & Affiliates 157 attendees at 8 sessions 206 attendees at 12 sessions 347 attendees at 15 sessions
Overseas Subsidiaries& Affiliates 201 attendees at 7 sessions 160 attendees at 7 sessions 56 attendees at 4 sessions
Total 358 attendees at 15 sessions 366 attendees at 19 sessions 403 attendees at 19 sessions

KY training at a domestic affiliated company

KY training at a Chinese affiliated company

Best Plants Awards in Fiscal 2015

The Best Plants Awards were bestowed in fiscal 2015. Since fiscal 2013, Mitsui Chemicals has recognized through these awards the successes and hardships of production sections with a focus on safety processes in addition to safety records. In fiscal 2015, the following business units were recognized with awards.

President’s Award for Best Plant
Omuta Works, Fine Chemicals Manufacturing Dept., Fine Chemicals Section

Production & Technology Center General Manager’s Award
Ichihara Works, No. 1 Manufacturing Dept., FR Section
Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello Nagoya Works, No. 1 Manufacturing Dept., Solar Material Section
MHM(Mitsui Hygiene Materials) (Thailand)
TCPC(Tianjin Cosmo Polyuretane)(China)
TTPRC(Thai PET Resin) (Thailand)
ACP-OH(Advanced Composites,Inc. Ohio Plant)(USA)

That many overseas production facilities being selected for awards in 2016 is a testament to Mitsui Chemicals’ global expansion.
In addition to the aforementioned awards, the winners of the General Manager of Works’ Award as well as General Managers of Headquarters Awards were also announced.

Fiscal 2015 Best Plants Awards, President’s Award