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Occupational injuries

The frequency rate of Work-related Significant Occupational Injuries increased year-on-year for both domestic and overseas Works. In particular, the frequency rate of Work-related Significant Occupational Injuries increased for the second straight year for domestic Works. Meanwhile, the Work-related Significant Occupational Injury frequency rate for the Mitsui Chemicals Group (including subsidiary and affiliates in Japan and overseas) for fiscal 2015 was 0.30. On this basis, we were unable to achieve the global standard for safety of 0.15.
The reason for this was a lack of thorough adherence to fundamentals such as not getting close to rotating equipment, with nearly half of all severe accidents occurring throughout the Mitsui Chemicals Group being accounted for by people being caught in or between moving machines.
To address this issue, we will work to eliminate occupational accidents based on our fiscal 2016 targets: more thorough adherence to fundamentals and promoting measures to prevent these types of accidents.
However, the Mitsui Chemicals Group on the whole has achieved its highest level of safety for the past five years owing to significant improvements in work-related significant occupational injury frequency rates for overseas affiliates.

Frequency of DAFWCs (All industries/chemical industry / Mitsui Chemicals employees)

Frequency of Work-related Significant Occupational Injuries for the Mitsui Chemicals Group
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Plant Operation Technology Training Center Open for External Use

Mitsui Chemicals opened the doors of its research facility, Mitsui Chemicals Plant Operation Technology Training Center (located at Mobara Branch Factory). The center was established in October 2006 to train manufacturing operation personnel with the aim of enhancing the Company’s production workplace capabilities. The center has engaged in the Groupwide training of employees to excel at all aspects of safety, operations, and equipment handling while being able to solve problems on their own. This was enabled by subsequently expanding the number of employees eligible for training and the center’s curriculum along with establishing similar training centers at overseas production sites. Receiving 442 visitors to date, we decided to open the Center’s doors after receiving favorable reviews and numerous requests. Leveraging past cases of various types of accidents and problems experienced within the Company, Mitsui Chemicals will contribute to industrial safety by providing hands-on, safety-focused training curriculums that cannot be undertaken at the production site.