Initiatives to Reduce Environmental Impact in Logistics

Mitsui Chemicals is working to build a logistics structure that has a low impact on the environment.
The Company is endeavoring to engage in the efficient use of energy and to reduce the amount of its CO2 emissions. From a logistics perspective, we are looking to adopt a wide range of initiatives. This includes improving our load efficiency and promoting a model shift in our transportation activities (moving away from the use of trucks and increasing the volume of marine and rail transportation while transitioning to modes of transportation that exhibit increased energy efficiency).
In recognition of the Company’s efforts to date, the Eco Rail Mark Administration and Screening Committee of Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport designated Mitsui Chemicals as a company that proactively uses railway system to move fright as an environmentally friendly means of transportation in fiscal 2014.
In fiscal 2015, the Company’s per-unit energy consumption rate for the transportation of products was 6.85 kiloliters per thousand tons. This was down 5.5% compared with fiscal 2014.
Moving forward, we will make every effort to protect the environment by promoting the efficient use of energy and reducing the amount of CO2 emissions.

Company Eco-Rail Mark Certification Criteria
The Eco-Rail Mark is awarded to companies that use rail to transport at least 15% of their long-distance freight (500 kilometers or more) and where
・ the total annual amount is 15,000 tons or more, or
・ at least 150 million ton-kilometers (weight times distance) per year

Eco-Rail Mark Certified Products

Acrylamide, hydroquinone, isopropyl alcohol, COSMONATE™ MDI, COSMONATE™ TDI, Dorocrawl, Mitsui PET™, and high-purity terephthalic acid (PTA)

Certification ceremony

Eco-Rail Mark Certification (Company Certification)
Eco-Rail Mark Certification (Product Certification)