Working with Our Customers

Under its 2014 Mid-Term Business Plan, the Mitsui Chemicals Group is working diligently to create new customer value through innovation and to help solve social challenges through business activities. To achieve these goals, we are endeavoring to provide optimal solutions that take into consideration such issues as utility value for final consumers across the full range of our technologies, products, and services.

In order to Satisfy Customers

Under its 2014 Mid-Term Business Plan, the Mitsui Chemicals Group identified Mobility, Healthcare, and Food & Packaging as the Group’s three specific targeted business domains offering the most substantial growth potential. Accordingly, the Group is focusing on expanding its activities in each of these domains.
The Mitsui Chemicals Group recognizes the importance of properly addressing changes in the world. Of equal importance is the need to provide technologies, products, and services that both society and customers genuinely require. Moving forward, the Group will harness its collective strengths and provide value and solutions that customers can experience. In this manner, every effort will be made to help resolve a variety of social issues.

Based on its Responsible Care Policy, the Mitsui Chemicals Group makes every effort to increase customer satisfaction via a two-pronged approach to quality management, based on quality control ("built-in quality activities") and quality assurance ("winning customer trust activities").

Utilizing our online inquiries link, we are attending to customers’ inquiries, complaints, and requests for information in a timely manner.