Working with Local Communities

Dialog with Local Communities

The Mitsui Chemicals Group provides a range of opportunities for communication with local residents living in the vicinity of our facilities, who we consider to be important stakeholders.
As a member of the community, the Group believes relationships of trust based on close-knit relations with communities are crucial to the normal and stable operation of its businesses.
To build close-knit relations with local communities, we arrange community meetings to discuss environmental preservation and safety initiatives in the areas where our works are located, and organize plant tours. We also attend meetings with neighborhood associations and participate in local events, all in an effort to promote mutual understanding with the community.
Our five domestic works also publish newsletters at least twice a year. These are made accessible to local residents so as to enable communication on a broader basis.

Promoting communication with local communities

We invited local residents living in the vicinity of our domestic works to come and engage in dialog with us on and tour our facilities. As well as providing an introduction to each works and an overview of our efforts to protect the environment, ensure safety and contribute to society, community meetings also give us an insight into what local people are feeling on a day-to-day basis and enable us to actively exchange opinions, including any requests local residents may have.

The Osaka Works holds opinion exchange meetings annually with 52 residence associations divided into three separate groups where it is located in Takaishi City. On June 12, 2015, Osaka Works held an opinion exchange meeting with 2-3 representatives from each of the 16 Chuo Group residence associations. Through ongoing earnest and steady activities, Mitsui Chemicals is looking to further promote deep mutual understanding.

Annual Meeting at Osaka Works

In an effort to boost relations with the community, members of the local women's association, who have little or no contact with Ichihara Works, were invited to tour the facility and to receive a brief introduction on November 10, 2015. Town councilors were also invited to a meeting to exchange comments and opinions on December 1, 2015. These initiatives were an excellent opportunity to open the Works and laboratory to local residents, who would not normally have the chance to gain a first-hand look into the Company's daily operations.

Annual Meeting with local town councilors at Ichihara Works

At Nagoya Works, we held a meeting to exchange opinions on environmental issues with the chairs of neighborhood school districts and member of the Minami City Hall urban development promotion office on April 19, 2016. This annual meeting serves an opportunity to provide participants with an introduction to our efforts at Nagoya Works to preserve the environment and safety/disaster prevention activities, as well as listen attentively to the opinions and requests of local representatives with the intention of reflecting them in the management of the plant. This year’s meeting is the 11th such meeting we have held at the Nagoya Works.

An opinion exchange meeting on environmental issues held at Nagoya Works

Iwakuni-Ohtake Works held its 16th autumn festival on October 4, 2015, which featured factory tours, experiment workshops for children, and various stage events. The aim of the autumn festival is to deepen our relationship and build trust with local residents.

Local residents taking part in a factory tour during the Iwakuni-Ohtake Works autumn festival

Omuta Works held the 9th Annual Community Meeting on October 7, 2015, inviting local residents, fire department HQ, police departments, Omuta City municipal agencies, and academic experts to exchange opinions centered mainly on the works’ safety and environmental preservation activities. In addition, Omuta Works regularly conducts laboratory class in the wonders of chemistry at local elementary schools.

Annual Meeting at Omuta Works

We are equally committed to communication at our domestic subsidiaries and affiliates and engage in various activities depending on the scale and location of each of our facilities, including organizing plant tours and taking part in local events. Ongoing Group company initiatives such as these help us to promote mutual understanding with the local community.

Omuta Works: Employees participating in community clean-up activities

Iwakuni-Ohtake Works: Employees taking part in the Seta Hachimangu Autumn Festival portable shrine (“mikoshi”) events

Ichihara Works: A local boys’ baseball team competing in the in the Mitsui Chemicals Cup Ichihara City Youth Baseball Tournament

Publishing Newsletters

We publish newsletters at each of our works, focusing on their respective activities. As well as showcasing products manufactured at each works and safety measures at each works, newsletters mainly provide information on subjects such as applications and progress with environmental initiatives. All of our works' newsletters are designed to capture the essence of the local area, with features such as helpful health tips, methods of conducting chemical experiments and information about our environmental improvement and cleanup activities. We also use our newsletters to promote two-way communication, by printing comments from members of the local community and our responses.

Local newsletters regularly published in each district