Social Contribution Activities

Support for Employees' Social Contribution Activities

The Mitsui Chemicals Group provides its support to foster human resources who maintain a keen awareness toward social issues and take it upon themselves to actively contribute to society.

One-Coin Club

We set up the One-Coin Club in November 2007. Employees who join the club choose an amount to be deducted from their wages or bonuses, which is then donated to organizations involved in social activities.
The club currently has around 811 members, who between them donated approximately ¥4.06 million to the fund in 2015. Donations were given to a total of 15 organizations involved in a range of social activities, based on proposals submitted by employees. Before being selected, organizations are reviewed by the One-Coin Club Management Committee, a voluntary panel made up of club members. The organizations receiving these donations have been selected based on an awareness of their connection to Mitsui Chemicals’ businesses.
In fiscal 2015, we donated a total of ¥6 million in support of organizations and activities, via the One-Coin Club and matching donations from the company.
In addition, we provided assistance for those affected by the Nepal Earthquake that struck on April 25, 2015 (\1 million, includes matching gifts).
Furthermore, events are also held in collaboration with the organizations. Since 2012, we have been inviting the Guide Dog & Service Dog Association of Japan to “Family Day” held at the Head Office in Shiodome City Center on every third Sunday of November. During the event, this organization puts on a service dog demonstration. Serving as an opportunity to raise awareness of the important role played by service dogs, the demonstration is always a big hit with the guests. Since fiscal 2014, workers and management have participated in a walking event put on by the United Nations’ World Food Programme, which affords employees an opportunity to help raise awareness of world hunger.

Matching gifts :
The matching donation scheme is designed to encourage employees to get involved in social contribution activities. Whenever an employee makes a donation to a social or environmental organization, the company matches it with a donation of the same amount.

An event held by the United Nations' World Food Programme

The One-Coin Club
Management Committee members

The One-Coin Club
Management Committee

Support for Employee Volunteer Activities (Social Activity Leave pPogram)

In August 2008, we introduced a social activity leave program to provide support for employees participating in social activities, by enabling them to take paid leave up to two days a year. In fiscal 2015, employees used the program 194 times for a wide range of activities, including assisting with reconstruction following the Great East Japan Earthquake, coaching and supervising local baseball and soccer teams, and serving as officials for local governments.
To help employees get involved in voluntary relief activities, we have also been allowing employees since 2011 to take up to eight days special leave each year, so that they can engage in social activities aimed at providing disaster relief.

Participating in "Fureai" Programs and Concerts

We have been providing support for activities carried out by the "Fureai (Friendship) Trio", which aims to bring classical music to people throughout Japan, ever since 2003.
The Fureai Trio's activities focus on the three areas of education, culture and welfare. This includes "Fureai Programs" aimed at elementary school children who rarely get the opportunity to experience live music, "Fureai Concerts" designed to get more people interested in classical music, and "Fureai Markets" held in conjunction with social welfare facilities. The trio has put on 423 performances in 162 different towns and cities around Japan to date, encouraging over 98,000 people to get involved in exchange through music.
Employees and their families volunteered to assist with performances for disabled audiences in Osaka and Tokyo in fiscal 2015. The participants provided general assistance and helped members of the audience to share in the wonders of classical music, through activities such as trying to play the violin.

Visitors try playing the violin

The entire staff

Thank you notes from elementary schools where performance were held

CSR Activities at Mitsui Chemicals India

At Mitsui Chemicals India (MCIND), a CSR team was set up in fiscal 2014 to solicit CSR-related ideas from all employees, sort them by topic, and examine and discuss ways to pursue these ideas. In fiscal 2015, the team made a decision to begin CSR activities in India in four fields: 1) healthcare & family welfare, including Eye Screening Camp, 2) education, 3) water supply, including drinking water, and 4) sports & culture.

Cooperating NPOs in India

Eye Screening Camp