Social Contribution Activities

The Mitsui Chemicals Group is committed to facilitating social development and helping to resolve issues facing society through a range of initiatives under the Mitsui Chemicals Group Social Activities Policy, including initiatives suggested and organized by employees themselves. We believe that we can effectively help to resolve social issues by harnessing our strengths and unique characteristics as a chemical company. With that in mind, we incorporate our chemical technologies and products into a wide range of activities, such as chemistry lab classes and disaster relief efforts.
We encourage our employees to get involved in social contribution activities and operate a donation fund that is run by employees on a voluntary basis. Every effort is being made to expand membership.

Management Systems

Each business site is engaging in voluntary and ongoing activities in line with the Group's Social Activities Policy.

The Mitsui Chemicals Group Social Activities Policy

The Mitsui Chemical Group will continually strive to:

  1. Harness and improve its chemical technologies to contribute to society as a whole
  2. Work in harmony with local communities and ensure that its sites are as open as possible
  3. Do its bit to nurture future generations, on whose shoulders the future rests
  4. Carry out activities aimed at protecting the environment
  5. Engage in active international exchange and cooperation
  6. Create a corporate environment in which individual employees can actively participate in social activities

System and Responsible Officers

The CSR Committee, which is chaired by the president, convenes twice a year to confirm the status of social contribution activities.

Monitoring Methods

The Division responsible for CSR conducts a survey of the results of social contribution activities once a year to confirm activity details. Pertinent points drawn from this survey are reflected in the CSR Report and shared across the Group as a whole.

Achievements and Reviews

In addition to submitting reports to the CSR Committee as topics, the details of the survey as well as social contribution activities are reflected in plans for the next fiscal year.

Goals and Results

Goals for Fiscal 2015

  • Increase the number of employees taking part in activities via existing and new social contribution programs (at least one new social contribution program)
  • Look into sustainable support for those affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake (at least one support activity)

Fiscal 2015 Results and Assessment


  • Expanded activities through the implementation of overseas (Singapore) laboratory "The Wonder of Chemistry" classes
  • Expanded activities relating to wildlife surveys on rice fields conducted by Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc. as a program concerning biodiversity (participated in an exhibition as a part of the Children’s Tour Day in Kasumigaseki initiative and invited elementary school children to join in a survey among a host of other new social contribution activities)

Level achieved: A

  • Organized "The Wonder of Chemistry" laboratory classes as part of the Group’s social contribution activities in conjunction with NPOs
  • Took part in the Marche Project in conjunction with other companies as a part of support efforts following the Great East Japan Earthquake

Priorities for Fiscal 2016

  • Increase the number of employees taking part in social contribution programs
  • Reconsider ways in which to provide sustainable support to those affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake
  • Promptly undertake disaster relief activities in conjunction with NPOs and other organizations
Levels of achievement based on self-assessment: A: 95% or more, B: 70% or more and less than 95%, C: less than 70%