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Participation in Junior Eco-Club Nationwide Festival 2016

In March 2016, Mitsui Chemicals participated in the Junior Eco-Club Nationwide Festival 2016 to help children learn more about the environment. On the day of the event, participants conducted experiments with containers full of water and a sheen of oil floating on top to see which substance could absorb the most oil-cotton or TAFNEL™ Oil Blotter™, a product made by Mitsui Chemicals that reduces environmental damage caused by accidental oil spills. A participant said, “I was surprised at the big difference materials make in the amount of oil that can be absorbed. I now understand how the power of chemistry can help make our oceans and rivers cleaner.”
In addition, we held the same type of experiments during the Yonago Environment Festival 2015 in Yonago City to help provide opportunities for children to learn about the environment.

Junior Eco-Club:
The Junior Eco-Club is a project run by the Japan Environment Association for the purpose of helping children participate in environmental preservation and learn more about the environment. To date, more than 2 million children have joined the club, and around 100,000 children registered in fiscal 2014.
The Junior Eco-Club Nationwide Festival is an event where members who represent their community can introduce to each other the activities they have done through articles and drawings. The members also visit special booths set up by companies and interact with other members from around Japan.

Junior Eco-Club Nationwide Festival 2016

Yonago Environment Festival 2015

Wildlife survey on rice fields providing opportunities to learn about biodiversity

Pests that feed on rice plants are the greatest threat to rice production. With the idea of raising awareness of the numerous living things other than pests that inhabit rice fields, Mitsui Chemicals Group company, Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc. (MCAG), has been conducting the “Wildlife Survey on Rice Fields” using MCAG products since 2012.
Involved in the manufacture and sales of agrochemicals, MCAG surveys the effects of agrochemical use on wildlife in rice paddies, which leads to the improvement and development of products with low environmental burdens. Further, MCAG conducts surveys with the full support of customers, confirming that a wide variety of wildlife inhabit rice fields. We publish results summaries of these wildlife surveys that certify that rice was grown in rice paddies inhabited by a wide variety of wildlife, which contributes to adding value to local rice. Beginning from fiscal 2015, we have been holding events for farmers and neighboring elementary school children to participate in, providing them the opportunity to observe a wide variety of wildlife by going into the rice fields with them. Though initially finding rice fields a bit disgusting, the children soon began busily roaming through the fields in a scramble to grab the living things, which they showed each other with great enthusiasm.
In addition, Mitsui Chemicals and MCAG jointly put on Rice Field Wildlife exhibits during Kasumigaseki Tour Day for Children held in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and other government agencies. We provide opportunities for children to observe wildlife not found in urban areas that inhabit rice fields, such as Chinese water scorpions and snails, which are displayed in aquariums. These displays also showcase the importance of engaging in rice cultivation that preserves biodiversity. Comments from children included: “I discovered that some frogs can climb trees while others cannot because of the shape of their fingers,” “I was surprised how well diving beetles can swim,” and “it was the first time I’ve seen a loach; I would like to try raising them at home.”
Through these activities, the Mitsui Chemicals Group will provide opportunities for children to learn about nutrition and biodiversity.

Wildlife survey being conducted
at rice fields

Kasumigaseki Tour Day for Children

Children visiting a booth

A card game for learning about diversity distributed during Kasumigaseki Tour Day for Children

Exhibit panel