Working with Our Employees

Human Resources Development

Our approach to human resource development

Based on Mitsui Chemicals Human Resources Management Policy, we undertake personnel training and placement to enable employees to fully display their ambitions and talents. We also aim to achieve a high level of employee self-fulfillment and corporate growth by actively promoting exceptional employees with successful track records.

In order to forge a robust global presence as a chemical corporate group, Mitsui Chemicals’ staff has grown to include an array of nationalities who work at locations throughout the globe. To foster human resources able to create value demanded by society while engaging with global markets and interacting with colleagues on a daily basis, our basic approach to developing human resources is to proactively support employees who aim to grow on their own.

Amid greater diversification of employee values and work styles as well as more employees facing time constraints caused by child rearing and nursing care, supervisor management capabilities must be constantly improved to fully unlock each employee’s capabilities and link them to successful results. Mitsui Chemicals focuses on developing leadership skills to guide the organization toward an even better direction by incorporating coaching methods into manager training and promoting specific innovations in daily operations by core leaders at each division.
In addition, actively offer overseas practical job training targeting the next generation of leaders in Japan and overseas centered on young and mid-level employees not only increases language ability but also intercultural management skills acquired through actual experience. Dispatching employees in Japan to overseas facilities and local hires overseas to Japanese ones, we provide 20-30 employees each year with the opportunity to gain a global mindset and skills.

Mitsui Chemicals' training framework

Global Human Resources Management

To strengthen global management capabilities, the Mitsui Chemicals Group focuses on human resources training. We have promoted global human resources management to retain a diverse array of employees and work to develop them through optimal placements in individual countries. This is based on the expectation that employees be capable of leading global business in a strategic and efficient manner as well as promoting corporate activities that match the attributes of each region in a timely manner. As platforms to implement the global talent management system, we established common global competencies, human resources databases, and grading, assignment frameworks, and compensation systems.
In fiscal 2015, we updated both our succession plans for key positions inside and outside Japan as well as our key talent management, which comprises screening standards and training processes for next-generation management candidates.
We have also put in place the Mitsui Chemicals Academy in a bid to globally standardize and share training programs that focus on spreading our corporate culture , understanding core values, and strengthening leadership abilities.
We established the Global HR Development Advisory Committee (HRDAC) in 2014 to establish and appropriate manage a platform for accelerating global management Group-wide. The HRDAC is composed of personnel managers from regional headquarters and key affiliates.

Overview of Global Human Resources Management

Evaluation Approach

We are constantly striving to achieve growth through innovation and to forge a robust global presence as a chemical corporate group. To this end, our evaluation system performs an important function for the Mitsui Chemicals Group. We foster loyalty and motivation by providing employees with direction to foster personal growth and behavior innovation, by improving employee motivation through appropriate evaluations, by encouraging communication among supervisors and staff through feedback on evaluation results, and by attracting talented personnel through performance-linked compensation.
In addition, we examine how personnel training can contribute to solving problems at the company/department level and achieve business success through appropriate evaluations that yield results and increase motivation and skill.
The ratio of evaluation feedback provided to union members and the degree of satisfaction regarding feedback (Mitsui Chemicals Union survey) are shown in the table below. Sharing feedback results with labor and management, we are working to appropriately manage this evaluation system and enhance evaluator training.

Ratio of Evaluation Feedback Provided and Degree of Satisfaction

  Fiscal 2011 Fiscal 2012 Fiscal 2013 Fiscal 2014 Fiscal 2015
Ratio of evaluation feedback provided in fiscal 2014 97% 96% 95% 97% 98%
Degree of satisfaction over evaluation feedback
(Ratio of those answering “satisfied”, “generally satisfied”)
85% 87% 87% 88% 89%

Passing on skills and techniques (Plant Operation Technology Training Center)

Since it was established in fiscal 2006, Mitsui Chemicals’ Plant Operation Technology Training Center in Mobara (Chiba Prefecture) has provided training for 5,345 Mitsui Chemicals Group employees at all levels (including 245 overseas employees), with a focus on new recruits, through to the end of fiscal 2015. This reflects our ongoing commitment to passing on essential skills, to ensure safe and reliable operations throughout the Mitsui Chemicals Group, and instilling safety awareness based on first-hand experience.
Since 2015, the Plant Operation Technology Training Center in Mobara has addressed the common manufacturing issue of passing along safety skills by opening its doors to the public not only though facility tours but also by conducting training courses and making the facility available to the public. The unique experience-based training that the center provides has received glowing feedback from customers and other companies. Through to the end of fiscal 2015, the center has opened its doors to approximately 600 external trainees and customers and provided tours to 4,398 people.