Working with Industry, Government, and Academia

The Mitsui Chemicals Group boasts numerous core technologies that have become strengths through ongoing product development initiatives in the fields of organic and polymer chemistry technology. Linking the identification/translation of needs in downstream areas and among customers to product development is the key to “Creating New Customer Value through Innovation” being promoted under the 2014 Mid-Term Business Plan. Given the need to stay ahead of the competition, we are leveraging our technological strengths to gain a foothold in these new fields while complementing them by incorporating technologies we lack from external sources. Collaborating with industry, government, and academia, we aim to create new value through the aggressive pursuit of innovation.

Management System


Serving as technological platforms, the Mitsui Chemicals Group maintains technologies and personnel that lay at the heart of its efforts to create a diverse array of products and services. Beyond its technological enhancement and personnel development initiatives, the Group also utilizes open innovation to quickly offer solutions through its products and services. To this end, the Group operates its businesses in line with these technological platforms.

System and Responsible Officers

The R&D Strategy Conference is held once a month in order for R&D managers to discuss and find solutions for R&D-related strategic and management issues.

Monitoring Methods

We use a Stage Gate System during product development in an effort to visualize the degree of progress made. Using this system, we are able to make efficient and rational decisions about continuing or discontinuing development, resource allocation, and other issues. We have also received high marks from public institutions for our joint research projects with industry, government, and academia.

Achievements and Reviews

We are pursuing efficient production development through R&D based on our technological platforms and Stage Gate System.

Goals and Results

Goals for Fiscal 2015

  • Promote new business/product development through external collaboration
  • Develop innovative technologies by participating in joint research projects
  • Strengthen global networks

Fiscal 2015 Results and Assessment

Level achieved: A

  • Promote new business/product development through external collaboration: Metal resin integral molding technology (Taisei Plas Co., Ltd.), new diagnostics and consulting business for photovoltaic power generation (PI Potovoltaik-Institut Berlin AG), and lithium-ion battery safety materials (Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan)
  • Promoting Joint Research Projects
    Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP) of Japan’s Cabinet Office
    Artificial Photosynthesis Project (ARPChem)
    Development of a non-edible plant-based chemical manufacturing process (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization)
  • Provide placements for interns from Japan and overseas
  • Make preparation to present the "2016 Mitsui Chemicals Catalysis Science Award"

Priorities for Fiscal 2016

  • Promote new business/ product development through external collaboration
  • Develop innovative technologies by participating in joint research projects
  • Strengthen global networks
Levels of achievement based on self-assessment: A: 95% or more, B: 70% or more and less than 95%, C: less than 70%