Respect for Human Rights

Respect for human rights is one of the fundamental principles that underpin our business activities all over the world. The Mitsui Chemicals Group is committed to observing all laws and regulations. At the same time, we maintain a deep respect for the personality and opinions of each individual. The Group does not tolerate discrimination on any grounds including gender, race, nationality, age and religion or any form of harassment. We have codified this commitment together with our obligation to respect human rights in the Mitsui Chemicals Group Action Guidelines and the Mitsui Chemicals Group Human Resources Policy. As a member of society, we also respect and promote the 10 Principles including human rights stipulated in the United Nations Global Compact by always acting in good faith, maintaining a high regard for people and society and practicing dream-inspiring innovation.

Basic Philosophy on Human Rights

The Mitsui Chemicals Group has put in place its Basic Philosophy on Human Rights after taking into consideration the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work issued by the International Labour Organization and United Nations’ Global Compact.

1. Maintaining international standards
We signed the UN Global Compact in January 2008. We uphold and take steps to prevent any violation of internationally proclaimed basic human rights, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
2. Respect for basic labor rights
We respect basic labor rights, including freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
3. Elimination of forced, compulsory, and child labor
We will not engage in any form of forced, compulsory or child labor as part of our corporate activities, in any country or region.
4. Elimination of discrimination
We will not engage in any form of discrimination on any grounds, including race, gender, nationality, age, or religion.

Initiatives Aimed at Raising Awareness Toward Human Rights

Mitsui Chemicals participates in the subcommittee concerning human rights of the Global Compact Network Japan. This subcommittee provides the forum to learn about and deliberate on a wide range of issues pertaining to human rights on a global scale in conjunction with human rights NGOs and participating companies. In addition to deepening its understanding toward human rights issues, the Mitsui Chemicals Group will draw its participation in the subcommittee to bolster its awareness activities.

Everything we do as a company depends on “people.” That is why we consider our employees to be our most important assets and pay particular attention to the following points.

Investment Activities That Take into Consideration Human Rights

The Mitsui Chemicals Group undertakes substantial investments as a part of its business development activities. When selecting an investment, a meeting is held to consider any related human rights issues. As a part of the Group’s due diligence, steps are also taken to assess the impact of human rights concerns in the context of each country’s statutory and regulatory requirements regarding the use of labor.

Taking into Consideration Human Rights Issues across the Supply Chain

In addition to its employees, the Mitsui Chemicals Group is equally committed to respecting the human rights of all of its stakeholders who are in some way linked to the Group’s business activities.
For example, we have clearly set out our expectations of suppliers in the Mitsui Chemicals Group Purchasing Policy. Under this policy, we place considerable importance on compliance with laws and regulations as well as social norms and respect for human rights and labor conditions. In addition, we have also extended our Risk Hotline (internal reporting system) so that it is now accessible to suppliers and are determined to keep on building stronger partnerships in the future. The Mitsui Chemicals Group works diligently to ensure equal opportunity and transparency while maintaining and promoting fair and equitable business practices.