Working with Our Suppliers

Here at the Mitsui Chemicals Group, we regard all of our suppliers as good partners. We always purchase items from our suppliers fairly and in good faith so as to ensure mutually sustainable growth.

Management System


Falling under Mitsui Chemicals’ Purchasing Policy, CSR Procurement involves the following stipulations.
When selecting suppliers, we will give priority to and seek to build stronger partnerships with companies that satisfy the following requirements.

  • Strict compliance with laws and social norms
  • Respect for human rights and consideration for working environments
  • Commitment to environmental preservation and safety assurance
  • Sound management
  • Commitment to maintaining and improving appropriate standards in areas such as quality, price and delivery dates

System and Responsible Officers

Executive officers oversee purchasing operations, while the Purchasing Division convenes a meeting once per month to determine the status of CSR procurement.

Monitoring Methods, Achievements and Reviews

The Purchasing Division regularly conducts surveys of suppliers to determine the status of their CSR procurement activities. Such surveys determine the progress of CSR procurement action plans set in the mid-term business plan and yearly budgets as well as achievements, which are then reflected in plans for the next fiscal year.

Goals and Results

Goals for Fiscal 2015

  • Information gathering to improve procurement activities
  • Information gathering to formulate efficient methods for conducting surveys and revise survey content (participate in the Global Compact’s Supply Chain Advisory Group meetings)

Fiscal 2015 Results and Assessment

Level achieved : A

  • Participated in the Global Compact’s Supply Chain Advisory Group meetings; gathered information with the aim of revising the content of surveys
  • Obtained information and details of CSR procurement activities at meetings of the Global Compact’s Supply Chain Advisory Group; engaged in the exchange of information

Priorities for Fiscal 2016

  • Determine the content of surveys to be implemented during fiscal 2017
  • Organize and evaluate supplier risks; determine the scope of surveys
  • Standardize and align the approach toward CSR procurement across the Group as a whole
Levels of achievement based on self-assessment: A: 95% or more, B: 70% or more and less than 95%, C: less than 70%