Safety Initiatives

Erected following the explosion and fire at the Group’s Iwakuni-Ohtake Works, the Safety Monument is an expression of how seriously the Mitsui Chemicals Group takes the incident and symbolizes the pledge of each and every employee to prevent a recurrence.

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In order to be recognized as a corporate group that places the utmost priority on safety in the eyes of society, we will continue to earnestly engage in safety activities.

Initiatives at Iwakuni-Ohtake Works

Safety Reconstruction Project

In response to the explosion and subsequent fire that occurred at the resorcinol production facility at our Iwakuni-Ohtake Works, the project team headed by the General Manager of the Works continues to undertake initiatives for reconstructing safety in order to prevent a recurrence of the underlying causes of the accident. We are pursuing various types of activities that have been incorporated into the Works annual action plan while undertaking monthly PDCA initiatives. Having held six debriefing sessions with related government agencies and accident investigation committee members to date, we have received favorable evaluations for our steady safety activities in various areas. In fiscal 2016, project-related activities have concluded, and we are systematically promoting daily activities to strengthen our foundation of safety and foster a safety culture.

Safety Reconstruction Project Status

Safety Reconstruction Project Status