Safety Initiatives

Erected following the explosion and fire at the Group’s Iwakuni-Ohtake Works, the Safety Monument is an expression of how seriously the Mitsui Chemicals Group takes the incident and symbolizes the pledge of each and every employee to prevent a recurrence.

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In order to be recognized as a corporate group that places the utmost priority on safety in the eyes of society, we will continue to earnestly engage in safety activities.

Introduction to Events on Safety Day

To prevent the recurrence of accidents like the April 22, 2012, explosion and fire at the resorcinol production facility at our Iwakuni-Ohtake Works, Mitsui Chemicals has designated 22 April as Safety Day. In 2016, Safety Day events were held at each production site in Japan and the Head Office. With events held at Iwakuni-Ohtake Works this year, president Tannowa gave a speech about safety, the General Manager of Iwakuni-Ohtake Works also gave a speech about safety, and silent prayers were observed for our colleague who lost his life as a result of the accident at the Works. These events were broadcast live simultaneously to each facility, giving the event a greater presence. Through these and other activities, employees reaffirmed their commitment to making safety our top priority in everything they do. Afterward, experts from inside and outside Mitsui Chemicals gave lectures about safety at each site.

Following the ceremony, President Tannowa invited Chairman Higashi Ito of the Japan Society for Safety Engineering to give a safety presentation.

Presentation on Safety Day at each production site on April 22, 2016

Production base Attending Directors, Head Office General Managers Simultaneous live broadcast Speaker Presentations
Kashima Works - Undertaken Yasushi Handa Former general manager of Mitsui Chemicals Plant Operation Technology Training Center Safety measures for plant removal
Ichihara Works Vice President Yasuji Omura Undertaken Tadao Minamikawa Head of the Environment & Safety Department, Chiba Plant, Asahi Glass Accident prevention through non-technical skills training
Ichihara Works Mobara Branch Factory
(includes the Technical Training Center and Mobara R&D Center of the Production & Technology Center)
- Atsumi Miyake Professor of the Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences, Yokohama National University Technologies that assess chemical reaction risks
Nagoya Works Vice President Minoru Koshibe Undertaken Asami Furuhashi Director of SHIFTBRAIN Inc. Boosting brainpower to eliminate accidents
Osaka Works Senior Managing Executive Officer Shigeru Isayama Masayoshi Nakamura Visiting Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology Safety management based on learning from past chemical plant accidents
Iwakuni-Ohtake Works President
Tsutomu Tannowa,
General Manager Deguchi
Undertaken Ken Kusukami Deputy Director of the Research and Development Center, East Japan Railway Company Workplace safety based on human error awareness
Omuta Works Managing Executive Officer Hideki Matsuo Undertaken * Research Institute for Safety Engineering Director Jun Nakamura had been scheduled to give a lecture, but it was cancelled due to the earthquake)
Sodegaura Center Managing Executive Officer Hoshino Mieko Kumasaki Associate professor of Yokohama National University Graduate School Hidden chemical process dangers and safety measures
Hokkaido Mitsui Chemicals - Masatomo Kojima Prevention manager of Sunagawa District Firefighting Association, Sunagawa Fire Department Preventing fires and accidents in our communities, Initial firefighting
Shimonoseki Mitsui Chemicals - Masaya Uemura Specialist Auditor for Regional Occupational Health & Safety, Shimonoseki Labor Standards Inspection Office Preparing for Safety Day
Mitsui Chemicals & SKC Polyurethanes Tokuyama Factory - Undertaken Toshihide Kihara Current general manager of Mitsui Chemicals Plant Operation Technology Training Center Fostering a culture of safety and training of employees
Mitsui Chemicals Head Office Senior Managing Executive Officer Masaharu Kubo Undertaken - - -

* Note: Presentation video transmitted at a later date.