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Dialogue 1 Speaking with the Leaders of the New Generation

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Encouraging customers to say “Let’s ask Mitsui Chemicals!” as a comprehensive solutions provider

Mobility Strategy Promotion Leader. New Business and Product Creation Strategy Promotion Leader. Futoshi Hoshino (Executive Officer Center Executive, Research & Development Center General Manager, R&D Strategy Division)

Integrating the Group’s Comprehensive Strengths

The Mitsui Chemicals Group produces a wide range of mobility-related materials. Along with PP compound operations, the Group has established a substantial number of businesses with robust customer platforms by creating a steady stream of products and maintaining close-knit customer ties. These features serve as an enormous source of strength for the Group and its activities.

However, addressing customers’ requirements on a product-by-product basis has severe limitations as needs become increasingly diverse. Against this backdrop, it is vital that we collect information and produce results by putting in place a structure that is capable of harnessing the Group’s collective strengths while making the most of individual capabilities, all under the direction of the Group’s Mobility Strategy. My role is to ensure that these endeavors contribute to the further growth of our Mobility business.

Shifting from Selling Materials to Selling Solutions

Until recently, we had responded to requests for products that fulfilled specified performance parameters from automobile manufacturers pursuing added improvements in functionality. Today, we are turning this relationship around as we adopt a more proactive approach and put forward solutions and application proposals for specific components or parts to achieve desired results.

Worldwide, along with the ongoing pursuit of improved automobile performance, we are continually seeing advances in technologies aimed at protecting the environment. Current concepts are going beyond automobiles to encompass every possible form of transportation and mobility. Under these circumstances, the role played by chemical manufacturers is extremely important, particularly in the field of material innovation. Society is testing the Group’s capabilities and trying to assess what exactly it can achieve.

The focus of solutions development is moving increasingly toward higher levels of complexity. For example, we are seeing materials and processing technologies that have not previously been applied together to the automotive field, unconventional manufacturing methods, and combinations of both. These materials, technologies, and methods need not be limited to those of the Group. All things considered, flexibility is essential to the generation of new solutions.

Kyowa Industrial Co., Ltd., a recently acquired manufacturer of molds, is providing the Mitsui Chemicals Group with a base to give shape to forward-looking solutions and proposals.

In the future, I would like to see us better harness the strengths of our network of bases and to establish additional bases where we can create solutions together with customers.

Through these activities, it is important that we encourage customers to say “Let’s ask Mitsui Chemicals!” and to become a company that attracts high expectations.

Around 2020 ¥40 billion Operating Income

More than anything else, it is vital that we continue to create and deliver valuable products that meet the needs to customers and consumers.

Healthcare Strategy Promotion Leader. Yasunori Nishiyama (Executive Officer Business Sector President, Healthcare Business Sector General Manager, New HC Business Development Division, President & CEO, Whole You, Inc.)

Establishing the Whole You™ Brand as a Next-Generation Business

The focus of society’s healthcare needs is shifting away from the simple absence of illness or chronic disability and the pursuit of a sanitary environment to lifestyles characterized by good health and peace of mind along with living life to the fullest. Against this backdrop, the decision to set up the Whole You™ brand was based on lengthy deliberations and the desire to address this shift and society’s increasingly diverse needs.

The Whole You™ brand concept revolves around the overarching goal of enabling people to unlock life’s potential and to fully enjoy all the possibilities of their lives by offering innovative solutions to address their sensory and physical mobility challenges.

Good health is much more than the absence of illness and injury. It entails the ability to live life to the fullest. No one should ever be limited in their enjoyment of the important pleasures and possibilities of life. Through the Whole You™ brand, we hope to change the notion of health toward a more active and positive concept.

Based on this vision, we have launched the Whole You™ brand to serve across a wide range of areas that extend through to the BtoP and BtoC fields. The goal is to provide solutions that match the individual needs and aspiration of consumers. As a chemicals company with considerable expertise in materials, we will leverage our strengths in material science and processing technologies to develop innovative products.

As a first step, we launched an oral appliance to help those suffering from obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) in May 2015.

In the future, we will make the most of acquired technologies and work to continuously create innovative products that deliver new value through collaboration with local advisers and partnerships. We will nurture the brand in a bid to garner support and foster close-knit ties by developing a strong sense of affinity among patients, consumers, and medical professionals.

Bolstering Existing Businesses by Making the Most of Inherent Strengths

The Mitsui Chemicals Group boasts considerable strengths in its existing vision care materials, nonwoven fabrics, dental materials, and medical materials businesses. However, we cannot afford to rest on our laurels. It is absolutely vital that we continue to provide products that offer value to the market and society amid an ever-changing operating environment.

Moving forward, we will strengthen our businesses even further and promote sound expansion.

BtoP: Business to Professional
BtoC: Business to Consumer

Around 2020 ¥30 billion Operating Income

Aiming to provide tangible functional value to consumers and users to ensure safe and delicious foods.

Food & Packaging Promotion Leader. Ryoji Kato (Executive Officer in charge of corporate planning, Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc. General Manager, Food & Packaging Promotion Division, Mitsui Chemicals Inc.)

Laying the Foundations for Further Growth

In the Food & Packaging business, until now each affiliated company and business had been independently in charge of their own products. In order to achieve our objectives for around 2020, however, we must lay a new foundation for the next stage of growth by putting in place a system that is able to leverage group-wide synergies.

The Food & Packaging Business Promotion Division is charged with discovering new businesses and building new business models based on completely different concepts and perspectives.

Toward the Creation of New Businesses That Provide Functional Value

When creating a new business, our foremost concern is providing functional value, value that the users of our products (i.e., consumers, logistics companies, retailers, food processors, and farmers) can genuinely perceive in terms of product functions and performance.

We have identified and prioritized the social issues that we can help resolve, namely the reduction of food loss and waste, the safety and reliability of food, and the greater production of foodstuffs.

Studying the entire supply chain to address these social issues, we are working to identify the functional value needed at every stage of the supply chain and the combination of functional values that will realize genuine value for our customers. Through these efforts, we aim to provide products and systems that deliver optimal combined functional value as total solutions.

In the packaging field, the Mitsui Chemicals Group needs to cultivate partnerships at each stage of the supply chain in addition to its collaborative relationships within the Group. It is important that we broaden and strengthen the framework for open innovation.

To be able to provide total solutions, we need to strengthen our evaluation platform in this business domain to scientifically secure food safety, reliability and taste. In the food field, our current business centers on high-performance agrochemicals that enhance the production of foodstuffs. For the future, we will continue to look for new business opportunities from a fresh perspective.

In order to ensure safe and delicious food, the Mitsui Chemicals Group aims to provide genuine functional value. We are working to create total solutions and build new business models.

Around 2020 ¥20 billion Operating Income

Chemical companies can provide solutions that support a sustainable society. By maintaining healthy lines of communication, we hope to prosper together with society.

Haruko Kokue (Director Deputy General Manager Corporate Communications Division)

Being a Trusted and Respected Company

To contribute to sustainable development, it is essential that the Mitsui Chemical Group is trusted and respected by stakeholders and society.

We are enforcing the functions of the corporate department as a business support unit to ensure our responsiveness in a rapidly changing business environment. Specifically, we have integrated the CSR, public relations, and investor relations functions into the Corporate Communications Division. This division fields stakeholder requests, helps the Group develop a response, and disseminates pertinent information to the public in order to better convey our position. All our employees work to share relevant data and information on opportunities with one another, taking pride in their jobs. As the bridge linking those outside of and within the Group, the Corporate Communication Division fosters mutual trust through communication and seeks to enhance corporate value.

Blue Value™–Reducing Environmental Load through a Concerted Initiative

There are many ways chemistry can help realize a cohesive society in harmony with the environment. We concluded that if we could make our environmental contributions more visible, people would come to appreciate our efforts more, allowing us to pursue bolder initiatives to further reduce our environmental load. This was the impetus for creating Blue Value™.

How can we contribute to the environment over the entire value chain, from the acquisition of raw materials to product development to final disposal? Blue Value™ shows the environmental contribution of our products and technologies using the Mitsui Sustainability Index (m-SI). The index has three components: CO2 reduction, resource protection, and co-existence with nature. It is based on life cycle assessment (LCA*), which identifies six distinct criteria.

We are now also aiming to develop a more quantitative approach. By communicating the advantages of Blue Value™ both within and outside the Group, we believe that we will increase business opportunities and grow business value.

By sharing Blue Value™ with as many people as possible, we will contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

* A method of quantitatively assessing the environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle over the entire value chain, from development to disposal.

(Details about Blue Value™ can be found on our CSR website)