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CSR Management — Strengthening the Business Foundation — To ensure its sustainable development alongside society, the Mitsui Chemicals Group must have a strong management foundation that enables it to resolve social challenges in line with its Future Vision. We will reinforce our management foundation by emphasizing the balance between economic, environmental, and social considerations. download PDF

Selection of Key Issues (Materiality)

Since establishing a dedicated CSR department in 2005, the Mitsui Chemicals Group has engaged in CSR activities based on the Group’s concept of realizing its corporate mission through its main businesses. In 2008, Mitsui Chemicals became a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and has endeavored to meet the growing call for international guidance.
In drawing up the 2014 Mid-Term Business Plan, we again verified the Mitsui Chemicals Group’s CSR concept and direction based on various discussions. To best contribute to society through our business activities, we selected a number of key issues (Materiality). If necessary, this materiality is to be reviewed so as to reflect changes in society.

Global Compact Network Japan

Identification of Key Issues (Materiality)

We organized the selected key issues into the three categories presented below while designating corporate governance and risk management as fundamental group-wide issues.

Safety and Human Resources in Global Management

The Mitsui Chemicals Group is aggressively developing overseas with the aim of ensuring that it is a chemical group with an undisputed global presence.
We have transitioned our business model from one based on exports to one based on local production for local consumption by establishing overseas production bases. To address local needs more rapidly, we continually strengthen management functions at our overseas bases. In addition, the ratio of employees working overseas and foreign employees has increased substantially as a result of the Group focusing on expanding human resources at overseas bases in addition to mergers and acquisitions.

Overseas Sales. Number of Overseas Employees.

Ensuring Safe Production Activities

At our production bases overseas, we are responsible for the reliable supply of the Mitsui Chemicals Group products to our customers. To achieve this, it is absolutely essential that management ensure safe production activities.
Based on our management policy of making safety the top priority, we are improving efforts to instill an awareness of fundamental safety, accumulating and handing down production technologies, and fostering a culture of safety. We are expanding these same efforts in Japan to our overseas production bases.

Global Human Resources Management

Securing and fostering human resources for management positions is vital for ensuring a strong global business foundation. At every level, whether parent company, overseas subsidiary or affiliate, we have been preparing to implement human resource management under a common global framework.
We believe that the diversity that arises from mutual exchanges of people from different backgrounds will prove a strong competitive resource that will produce wide-ranging value and strengthen our business foundation.

As the phrase “Mitsui is People” implies, “human resources” underpin the technologies and businesses that form the core of the Group’s management foundation and respond to outside needs. So that each and every Group employee is proud and inspired to work with great motivation, we have created an environment that will ensure their safety and health, and we place value on people-to-people communication.