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Healthcare: Prompted by lower birthrates and growing elderly populations in advanced countries as well as economic expansion in emerging countries, awareness of healthcare has been growing worldwide. Responding to diverse needs, the Mitsui Chemicals Group provides products that help improve quality of life to help health and happiness in an aging society. download PDF

A World Leader in Vision Care Materials

The Mitsui Chemicals Group offers a wide range of ophthalmic plastic lens materials, from low-refractive to high-refractive indices. In particular, our MR™ Series are world-leading high refractive lens materials, and have become the de facto standard in thin and lightweight lens materials. We are expanding the potential of lens materials by developing original materials with new functionality.
The Mitsui Chemicals Group aims to provide comprehensive solutions for diverse needs, instead of simply providing lens materials for vision correction. We are expanding the potential of lens materials by developing on our own materials with new functionality, while acquiring new coating materials and improving polarized lenses.

Supply Chain of Vision Care Materials: Ophthalmic lens materials, Coating materials, End product (eyeglasses). Providing comprehensive solutions through a broad lineup of products.

Lens Material That Protects the Eyes from Harmful Short-Wavelength LightUV+420cut

Most lenses for glasses sold today are given a coating that cuts ultraviolet light, that is, wavelengths up to 400nm. However, recent research indicates that not only ultraviolet light, but other short-wavelength light of up to 420nm can cause cataracts and agerelated macular degeneration. UV+420cut™ is a new lens material that helps safeguard eye health by cutting a fuller spectrum of harmful short-wavelength light.

Plant-Derived High Refractive Index Lens MaterialDoGreen™

By producing Do Green™ MR™ Series from biomass, the Mitsui Chemical Group is not only offering the world’s first high refractive index lens material based on plant-derived materials, it is helping to provide solutions to the social and economic challenges faced by the farmers and the regions that produce that biomass. The Mitsui Chemicals Group has acquired JORA and USDA biomass product certification in Japan and the United States. In co-sponsorship with the city of Yokohama, we developed Do Green™ sunglasses for the 2015 World Triathlon Yokohama.

Growth in Dental Materials Business

In 2013, the Mitsui Chemicals Group acquired Heraeus Kulzer GmbH, the sixth-largest maker of dental materials in the world. Group synergies have started to emerge with subsidiary Sun Medical Co., Ltd., which has done business in Japan for 30 years. We plan to introduce several new products based on our excellent polymer science technologies.
Moreover, we are strengthening our digital solutions, for which needs are growing, in a bid to steadily expand the business.

Heraeus Kulzer GmbH, Sun Medical Co., Ltd. 6–7% market growth

Highly Functional Hygiene Nonwoven Fabrics

The disposable diaper market in East Asia and Southeast Asia has been expanding alongside greater needs for high-quality, highly functional nonwoven fabric. The Mitsui Chemicals Group supplies such nonwoven fabric through a three-pronged structure in Asia operating at full capacity. Mitsui Chemicals has a leading share of the market in Asia for highly functional nonwoven fabrics for hygiene materials.
Our strengths are derived from our advanced quality management and comprehensive technologies extending from the creation of base resins to final processing. Our nonwoven fabric has won accolades for its superior flexibility and stretchability.
With an eye to more growth, we are focusing on new fields, such as medical gowns made from nonwoven fabric.

The Group's Market Share and Market Growth Rate. Where It Is Mainly Used.
We aim to strengthen our core businesses further.In order to steadily grow our three main products, namely, vision care materials, dental materials, and nonwoven fabric for hygiene materials, we are strengthening the development of peripheral products and downstream products by leveraging the production development capabilities of the Group.To realize even more growth, we launched Whole You™ a new brand aimed at creating new healthcare solutions.

Launched New BrandWhole You™

Whole You™

In November 2014, the Mitsui Chemicals Group established Whole You, Inc. in the United States. Whole You™ provides innovative solutions to those with sensory and physical mobility challenges in the form of products and services that draw on its ability to identify innovative functions based on polymer science. From this base in the United States, the world’s largest healthcare market, we will help improve quality of life for people all around the world.