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Special Feature Creating Value in Targeted Business Domains for Growth & Strengthening the Business Foundation. download PDF
  • Mobility: Global automobile production is expected to increase at an annual rate of 3%. Against this backdrop, consumer needs are becoming increasingly sophisticated with the market calling for lighter weight vehicles that offer more innovative designs and greater comfort. The Mitsui Chemicals Group boasts a wide range of products that meet the highest global standards for quality and help to enhance the performance of automobiles.more details
  • Healthcare: Prompted by lower birthrates and growing elderly populations in advanced countries as well as economic expansion in emerging countries, awareness of healthcare has been growing worldwide. Responding to diverse needs, the Mitsui Chemicals Group provides products that help improve quality of life to help health and happiness in an aging society.more details
  • Food & Packaging: Rapid growth in the world’s population has led to severe shortages of food, making it imperative for society to reduce food loss and waste and stabilize agricultural production. Moreover, needs have been rising for safe and reliable food sources that also have less of an impact on the environment. The Mitsui Chemicals Group provides products that address these needs.more details
  • CSR Management — Strengthening the Business Foundation —  To ensure its sustainable development alongside society, the Mitsui Chemicals Group must have a strong management foundation that enables it to resolve social challenges in line with its Future Vision. We will reinforce our management foundation by emphasizing the balance between economic, environmental, and social considerations.more details