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Mobility: Global automobile production is expected to increase at an annual rate of 3%. Against this backdrop, consumer needs are becoming increasingly sophisticated with the market calling for lighter weight vehicles that offer more innovative designs and greater comfort. The Mitsui Chemicals Group boasts a wide range of products that meet the highest global standards for quality and help to enhance the performance of automobiles. download PDF

Mobility Product Lineups

Although plastic accounts for around 10% (or approximately 100kg) of an automobile’s total weight, it comprises 70% of the 30,000 parts that comprise automobiles.
The Mitsui Chemicals Group is able to meet a wide array of social needs through highly functional polymeric materials, a field in which the Group excels.

World-Leading Product Lineups
Our strengths lie in our wide-ranging materials lineups and our technological prowess. Nevertheless, the Mitsui Chemicals Group strives to become ever stronger by proactively infusing promising new technologies from outside the Group into its expanding pool of knowledge. The Mitsui Chemicals Group provides solutions that generate value for customers through new “bundling” concepts to develop combining various elements.

Aiming to Become the World Leader in PP Compounds

With a share of around 60%, the Group’s automotive material PP compound business is the market leader in sales to Japanese automobile manufacturers while ranking second globally. Also in North America, the Mitsui Chemicals Group holds a 30% share in the U.S. automobile manufacturing sector.
Building on the strengths of its robust customer base and technological development capabilities in the area of high-quality PP compounds that address various customer needs, the Group is putting in place a structure that is capable of worldwide supply across eight global locations.

The Group’s Market Share and Automobile Market Growth Rate

Enhancing Our Ability to Create Solutions to Achieve Further Growth

In order to improve its ability to collect information and provide solutions, the Mitsui Chemicals Group acquired Kyowa Industrial Co., Ltd., a mold manufacturer possessing capabilities in the areas of planning, design, and trial production. Establishing a platform for achieving further growth, the Group will enhance its ability to create solutions using its collective strengths, in turn, contribute to society.

Automobile Manufacturer Supply Chain