Abhineet Shrivastava

“Working in different countries has helped me to develop understanding of cross-cultural business practices and interacting in a multicultural environment.”

Abhineet Shrivastava

I play multiple roles as a brand manager at Mitsui Chemicals. I manage innovation projects, market research, clinical test, branding, product design and communication development. On top of that, I also develop pricing strategies and sales channels, track product performance and improvements and manage the marketing budget and spending.

My most memorable moment at Mitsui Chemicals was when I worked on a business development project of a new product which has potential to make a big impact on pharmaceutical packaging. It involved extensive market research, repeated testing and product iterations.
Recently the product has passed critical testing phases and it has been approved for commercialization. It brought immense satisfaction for me as it was an extremely impactful achievement in the grand scheme of things at Mitsui Chemicals.