Dominik Jürgen-Lohmann

“As an employee at Mitsui Chemicals, I can feel that in the creation of new products or processes, the company looks at the big picture. I know that I am contributing to society by increasing overall quality of life,
improving health and protecting the environment, as we turn innovation into real world solutions.”

Dominik Jürgen-Lohmann

Country experience / Singapore.
Product experience / Healthcare, Food & Packaging related.

I am responsible for the execution and progress management of R&D projects and the professional development of research staff at Mitsui Chemicals. I also provide support for new business development.

As a Project Manager at Mitsui Chemicals R&D Centre, I take pride in creating green technology for a sustainable future, improving quality of life in both developing countries and aging societies, educating and fostering the next generation of scientists.

Guided by Mitsui Chemicals’ corporate mission, I can contribute to the development of technology and spirit of innovation aligned with our social responsibility.