Corporate Mission & Future Vision

With our Corporate Mission and Future Vision foremost in our minds, we are promoting a variety of measures aimed at ensuring sustainable development in harmony with society.

Corporate Mission

Contribute broadly to society by providing high-quality products and services to customers through innovation and the creation of materials, while keeping in harmony with the global environment.

five social contribution areas : promoting human well-being, contributing to the value of shareholders' investments, increasing customer satisfaction, contributing to local communities, promoting the happiness and fulfillment of employees

Corporate Target

Constantly pursuing innovation and growth to become a chemical group with an undisputed global presence.

Triple Bottom Line

The Mitsui Chemicals Group is looking to secure its sustainable growth and development in harmony with society. To this end, we are advancing triple bottom line management, which incorporates economic, social, and environmental measures, engaging in operations from a long-term perspective, and promoting measures that are designed to help resolve social issues.

Triple Bottom Line

Future Vision

  • 2025長期経営計画
  • 行動指針