2025 Long-Term Business Plan — Creating New Customer Value —

Working to become a corporate group that creates new customer value and solves social challenges through business activities, we will strengthen our activities in five business domains as well as our management platform and promotes initiatives that help realize a cohesive society in harmony with the environment, health and happiness in an aging society, and industrial platforms in harmony with local communities.

Basic Strategies

Three basic strategies to solve key business issues and provide value to society.

Pursue innovations
  • Promote customer-driven innovations
  • Strengthen capabilities to propose solutions through R&D as well as peripheral technologies and products
Accelerate global expansion
  • Increase overseas production and markets through expansion and alliances, aiming for group-global growth.
Strengthen competitiveness of existing businesses
  • Establish next generation works by using IoT and AI.
  • Rationalize business activities including supply chains without exception.

Growth Direction

Missions for 5 business domains.
Further elaborate and embody concepts.

5 business domains
Targeted business domains to drive growth
3 Targeted Business Domains
  • Mobility Strategy
  • Realize sustainable growth by providing solutions that meke full use of comprehensive strengths.

  • Health Care Strategy
  • Establish a new growth platform by providing products and services contributing to Quality of Life through chemical innovations.

  • Food & Packaging Strategy
  • Establish a business platform as a third earning pillar by secure new business opportunities.

  • Next Generation Business
  • Create solution & system businesses at the boundary or peripheral areas of 3 targeted business domains through open innovations.

  • Basic Materials
  • Provide materials for the basis of society and industry Secure stable profits by strengthening cost competitiveness.

Strengthen the business platform in response to changes in the environment and transform the business portfolio
  • Business Support Strategy
  • Work to strengthen operating platforms that encompass the Group’s human resources and organization, finance and performance management, information systems, and technologies while increasing the efficiency of back office operations to promote customer-driven innovation and bolster group-global management.

  • Production and Technology Strategy
  • Build an optimal production structure in Japan, ensure that fundamental safety measure take root, train human resources, and strengthen the overseas production base platform, aiming to bolster the Group’s competitive advantages grounded in the principle of absolute safety.

2025 Long-Term Business Plan

The Mitsui Chemicals Group will shift to a customer-driven business model, target sales of \2,000 billion, operating income of \200 billion, and an ROE of 10% and over in 2025 while promoting the transformation of its business portfolio.

2025 Long-Term Business Plan

Targeted Position

Targeted position