Aim of the Mitsui Chemicals Group

The chemical industry must play a major role in addressing social issues, through the development of innovative products and technologies, Prior to formulating the 2025 Long-Term Business Plan, we held lengthy discussions to determine exactly which social issues that we have to be addressed.
Building on these discussions, we again took stock of our overall purpose and significance while identifying the Mitsui Chemicals Group’s Future Vision.

Based on its triple bottom line management approach, which connects economic, social, and environmental measures, Mitsui Chemicals has identified those targeted business domains in which it can make the most of its robust platform to contribute to society through its business activities and resolve social issues. Drawing on this platform, we are building a customer-driven business model.

The Mitsui Chemicals Group will help build a better future society across five business domains. In addition to Mobility, Health Care, Food & Packaging, and Next Generation Businesses, which are positioned as targeted business domains that will help propel growth going forward, these five business domains include Basic Materials through which we provide materials that form the basis of society and industry.

The Mitsui Chemicals Group’s Future Vision

Corporate Mission Corporate Target メガトレンド、社会課題 × 三井化学の強み ターゲット事業領域:モビリティ、ヘルスケア、フード&パッケージング。社会・産業の基盤となる素材の提供:基盤素材 Key business isuues 目指す未来の姿:環境と調和した共生社会、健康・安心な長寿社会、地域と調和した産業基盤