Targeted Business Domains to Drive Growth

We have identified four targeted business domains that are expected to drive growth by adding Next Generation Businesses to the three Mobility, Health Care, and Food & Packaging business domains that allow us to fully harness our competitive strengths in polymer science, precision synthesis, manufacturing process and other technologies, as well as our robust customer base and global structure. We will create new customer value and secure sustainable growth by unifying our collective strengths and reinforcing cross-organizational activities.

Mobility Strategy

Provide solutions making full use of comprehensive strengths

The Mobility domain encompasses every possible mode of human and commodity transportation and focuses mainly on automotive materials.

Global automobile production is expected to increase. Consumer needs are becoming increasingly sophisticated with the market calling for lighter and safer vehicles that offer more innovative designs and greater comfort.
The Mitsui Chemicals Group is drawing on its broad lineup of materials, superior technological capabilities, and outstanding product quality to deliver solutions that meet the diverse needs of customers at the earliest possible opportunity. With the Mobility domain as a key earnings pillar, every effort will be made to secure firm profit growth in global markets.

Health Care Strategy

Provide products & services contributing to Quality of Life through chemical innovations

In the Health Care domain, the Mitsui Chemicals Group is committed to delivering products and services that help improve people’s quality of life (QOL). These efforts are aimed at ensuring the realization of good health and happiness in an aging society.

Interest in health has grown in response to the low birthrates and aging of developed countries coupled with economic growth in emerging markets.
Recognizing the increasingly diverse nature of the market’s needs, the Mitsui Chemicals Group provides products that help improve QOL while realizing health and happiness in an aging society.
Drawing on our ability to create innovative functions based on proprietary organic synthesis and polymer science technologies, we are taking the lead in expanding targeted business domains by establishing a new growth platform. This entails strengthening measures in ophthalmic lens material, nonwoven fabrics for hygiene material use, dental material, and related fields while engaging in peripheral and downstream business activities.

Food & Packaging Strateg

Provide solutions for world’s food problems and seize new business opportunities

In the Food & Packaging domain, the Mitsui Chemicals Group is endeavoring to help solve the global-scale shortage of food.

Rapid growth in the world’s population has led to severe shortages of food, making it imperative for society to reduce food loss and waste and stabilize agricultural production. Moreover, needs have been rising for safe and reliable food sources that also have less of an impact on the environment. The Mitsui Chemicals Group provides products that address these needs.
Based on a variety of activities in such wide-ranging areas as adhesive and coating materials, films and sheets for packaging and industrial use, and agrochemicals products, that make the most of the Company’s resources including organic synthesis and film processing techniques, areas in which Mitsui Chemicals boasts considerable expertise, every effort is being made to expand and reinforce operations through the overseas business development.

Next Generation Business

Create solution & system businesses at the boundary or peripheral areas of 3 growth domains through open innovations

Through open innovation and efforts to strengthen intelligence while making the most of the corporate venture capital function, Mitsui Chemicals will create new businesses that contribute to future growth focusing on energy solutions that include the power generation and diagnosis fields, medical solutions that encompass rapid diagnostic systems for bacterial identification, the agri-system business which is comprised of advanced cultivation systems, and IoT solutions that cover piezo-electric materials for sensors and next generation display materials.

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