Mitsui Chemicals

Environmental Protection

Substances Subject to the PRTR Act

In accordance with the Act on Confirmation, etc. of Release Amounts of Specific Chemical Substances in the Environment and Promotion of Improvements to the Management Thereof (PRTR*1 Act), Mitsui Chemicals submits a report to the Japanese government each year declaring the amounts of designated substances produced or used by the Company that were released into the environment or transferred elsewhere.
In fiscal 2016, the amount of emissions decreased approximately 300 tons compared with the level recorded in fiscal 2015.This was mainly due to the consolidation of plants, the review of substances covered, and a change in the classification of data recorded for the Tokuyama Branch Factory from MCI Works to an affiliated company.
As calls for the management of chemical substance emissions to be improved and strengthened increase going forward, we will continue to manage emissions and to further strengthen our endeavors.

PRTR : Pollutant Release and Transfer Register

Emissions of substances subject to the PRTR Act (Mitsui Chemicals non-consolidated*2 )

Six parent production sites: Kashima, Ichihara (including Mobara Branch Factory), Nagoya, Osaka, Iwakuni-Ohtake and Omuta; and the Sodegaura Center
Operations were suspended at Kashima Works in fiscal 2016, while Tokuyama Branch Factory under Iwakuni-Ohtake Works was managed as an affiliated company.