Mitsui Chemicals

Responsible Care Policy and Management

Roll Out to Subsidiaries and Affiliates

Mitsui Chemicals is rolling out Responsible Care activities to subsidiaries and affiliates in Japan and overseas as a part of efforts to promote Responsible Care across the Group as a whole.

Global Network and SHE Meetings

Mitsui Chemicals is building an information network across the five regions where its subsidiaries and affiliates operate: China, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Japan as its center. This network gathers Responsible Care-related information from industry associations located in each region, which after being summarized and analyzed by the head office is shared throughout the Mitsui Chemicals Group.
As part of the Responsible Care activity programs in each region, the Company holds SHE (Safety, Health, and the Environment) meetings that gather together the staff in charge of Responsible Care of various subsidiaries and affiliates. SHE meetings provide opportunities for participants to learn from each other by analyzing process accidents, occupational injuries and other case studies as well as learning best practices.


Seven subsidiaries and affiliates in the China region attended a technology exchange meeting organized by Mitsui Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd. In addition to a facility study workshop and the opportunity to interact with different types of businesses, this meeting was an opportunity to participate in quality risk analysis training conducted by the Head Office RC & Quality Assurance Division.
A China Joint Safety Conference was also held by Zhang Jia Gang Free Trade Zone Mitsui Linkupon Advanced Material, Inc. and co-hosted by the Head Office Safety & Environment Technology Division, the Mobility Business Sector, and the Performance Compound Division. By sharing information and engaging in Group debate, successful steps were taken at the conference to enhance awareness toward safety.

Asia Pacific Region

More than 60 senior executives participated in the annual presidents’ meeting of subsidiaries and affiliates held in Singapore. At this meeting, an explanation of international trends regarding the management of chemical products together with the Group’s response policies was provided.
Details of the Mitsui Chemicals Group’s policy toward the impending establishment of chemical product rules and regulations pertaining to all of the Group’s subsidiaries and affiliates in Thailand were also outlined.


The director in charge of Responsible Care at MITSUI CHEMICALS EUROPE GmbH gave a lecture on worldwide and European trends regarding sustainability while also sharing information at the second meeting of the Responsible Care Committee. In addition to deepening the understanding of management, details were incorporated into the Long-term Business Plan.


A SHE meeting was held at ADVANCED COMPOSITES MEXICANA S.A. DE C.V. in Mexico. With discussions covering Responsible Care activities generally, from safety through health to the environment, the decision was made to convene the next meeting as a Responsible Care conference.

Regional activity (China)

Regional activity (Americas)

Evaluation of the Responsible Care Activities of Overseas Subsidiaries and Affiliates

Overseas subsidiaries and affiliates are also attracting high external praise for their Responsible Care activities.


MITSUI PHENOLS SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. received the RC Gold Award for its Community Awareness and Emergency Response Code. The company was also honored with the RC Achievement Award in recognition of its Occupational Health and Safety Code, Environmental Protection Code, and Process Safety and Disaster Prevention Code. Each of these awards was presented by the Singapore Chemical Industry Council.

Meanwhile, the experience-based training program of MITSUI PHENOLS SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. received high praise at the IChemE Singapore Awards 2016 held by the Institution of Chemical Engineers. The company was named as a finalist in the education and development award category.


Kumho Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. received the 2016 Korea Environmental Best Award from the Ministry of Environment of South Korea.


The Company was presented the 2017 RC Merit Award by the Association of International Chemical Manufacturers.
Presented biannually to companies with an outstanding track record, this award recognized the Group’s extensive ongoing Responsible Care activities as well as its contributions to the sustainable development of the Chinese chemical industry and Chinese society as a whole. In addition to the efforts by Mitsui Chemicals Group companies in China to help local communities and the environment, the Group received high praise for its support to the next generation which includes sponsoring chemical industry design contests for national university students.