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Social Activities

Support for Employees' Participation in Social Activities

As its employees maintain a keen awareness toward social challenges, Mitsui Chemicals provides support for them to remain human resources that voluntarily take it upon themselves to contribute to society.

One-Coin Club

We set up the One-Coin Club in November 2007. Employees who join the club choose an amount to be deducted from their wages or bonuses, which is then donated to organizations involved in social activities. The review and selection process of an organization that will benefit from the donations is conducted by the One-Coin Club Management Committee, which is made up of club volunteers and gives due consideration to the organization’s connection to Mitsui Chemicals’ businesses.
As of March 2017, the club had 774 members, who between them donated approximately ¥3.9 million to the fund in fiscal 2016.
In fiscal 2016, we donated a total of ¥6.4 million—¥3.2 million from One-Coin Club and the contribution of a matching donation* from the Company—to a total of 16 organizations involved in a range of social activities.
We also donated ¥0.5 million from the fund to help provide assistance for those affected by the Kumamoto Earthquake that struck in April 2016.

The One-Coin Club Management Committee members

Organizations That Benefited from Donations in Fiscal 2016

Organization Name (In random order) Priority Area of Support Past Donation History (Years)
United Nations World Food Programme (Japan)Open Window Nurturing future generations 08~16
Japan Committee, Vaccines for the World’s ChildrenOpen Window Nurturing future generations 08~16
ASHINAGAOpen Window Nurturing future generations 09~16
Education for Development Fund (EDF-Japan)Open Window Nurturing future generations 09~16
Support Unit for Children Community with Effective Strategy and SolutionOpen Window Nurturing future generations 11~16
Nanbyo NetworkOpen Window Nurturing future generations 09~16
Guide Dog & Service Dog & Hearing Dog Association of JapanOpen Window Support for people with disabilities 08~16
Japan Marrow Donor Registry Promotion ConferenceOpen Window Support for people with disabilities 08、10~16
Helicopter Emergency Medical Network (HEM-Net)Open Window Medical/disaster response 10~16
team RESCUEOpen Window Maintenance of disaster response systems 12~16
Peace Winds JapanOpen Window Nurturing future generations, maintenance of disaster response systems 09、12~16
Asia Prevention of Blindness AssociationOpen Window Medical 13、16
MEDECIN SANS FRONTIERESOpen Window Medical/disaster response 14~16
Japan Environmental Action NetworkOpen Window Maintenance of disaster response systems, environment 15、16
Plan International JapanOpen Window Nurturing future generations 11~12、15、16
Cooperative Network for Cultural StudiesOpen Window Nurturing future generations New

For the One-Coin Club 10th Anniversary Project, we decided on providing vaccination support for children in Laos and, having received a matching donation from the Company, donated ¥6.0 million to the NPO Japan Committee, Vaccines for the World’s Children.
In Laos, with a ¥6.0 million budget about 200,000 people can be inoculated with BCG (tuberculosis) vaccine and TD (tetanus, diphtheria) vaccine.

Donation ceremony

Vaccinating young children in Laos

Events are also held in collaboration with the beneficiary organizations.
Since 2012, we have had the Guide Dog & Service Dog & Hearing Dog Association of Japan put on a service dog demonstration for the “Family Day” event held at the Head Office in Shiodome City Center in November every year. Serving as an opportunity to raise awareness of the important role played by service dogs, the demonstration is always a big hit with visitors to the event.
Working together, the Company and labor union have called on employees to participate in the “WFP Walk the World” charity walk event put on by the United Nations’ World Food Programme, which affords employees an opportunity to help raise awareness of world hunger, since fiscal 2014.

WFP Walk the World 2016

Collaboration with the Healthy Mileage Campaign, the Mitsui Chemicals Group's health promotion program, came into effect in fiscal 2016. Open to teams or individuals, the Healthy Mileage Campaign program enables people to save exercise and healthy living points (Healthy Miles) and to select prizes according to the miles earned. Approximately 3,500 employees are participating in the program. We have added "1,000 yen donations to the One-Coin Club" to the prizes of this program and are working to raise the profile of the One-Coin Club within the Company.

Matching gifts:
Whenever an employee makes a donation to a social or environmental organization, the company matches it with a donation of the same amount.

Social Activity Leave Program

In August 2008, we introduced a social activity leave program to provide support for employees participating in social activities, by enabling them to take up to two day’s paid leave a year.
In fiscal 2016, employees made use of the program 162 times for a wide range of activities, including assisting with reconstruction following the Kumamoto Earthquake, giving sports coaching for children, serving as officials for local governments, and for local firefighting activities.
Since 2011, we have also been allowing employees to take up to eight days’ special leave each year, so that they can engage in social activities aimed at providing disaster relief.