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Disaster Relief

Our disaster relief activities here at Mitsui Chemicals originated from suggestions submitted by employees, who wanted to help those affected by earthquakes and other major disasters by providing them with useful Mitsui Chemicals products. In fiscal 2009, we set up warehouses to store relief supplies at two of our sites – the Iwakuni-Ohtake Works (Yamaguchi Prefecture) to cover West Japan and the Mobara Branch Factory (Chiba Prefecture) to cover East Japan – and put in place the necessary framework to send out supplies upon request from local governments and other such organizations. We have stockpiles of items such as urethane mattresses (cushioned materials to lay on the floors of gymnasiums being used as evacuation shelters), waterproof tarps (to cover buildings damaged by water or landslides), and air cushions (for use at evacuation shelters) at both of these warehouses.
As well as the support sent to the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, emergency relief supplies were also forwarded to areas stricken by flooding and landslides after the torrential rains in eastern Japan caused the Kinu River to burst its banks in September 2015 and areas affected by the Kumamoto earthquake in April 2016.

Looking ahead, the Mitsui Chemicals Group is committed to providing relief that closely fits the needs of people in affected areas in the event of a disaster. In order to fulfill this commitment, the Group will work hand-in-hand with organizations including NPOs and promote the prompt delivery of emergency supplies the local authorities actually require.

Air cushion:
Developed by Wako Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. in response to comments from people affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, air cushions provide an alternative to pillows, conventional cushions, and matrasses. Boasting a host of features, air cushions provide sound protection and comfort against the hard and cold floors of evacuation shelters.
Made from the polyethylene EVOLUE™ material manufactured by Prime Polymer Co., Ltd., a Mitsui Chemicals Group company, the cushioning properties of these air cushions can be adjusted using a single straw. These air cushions also withstand heavy loads and offer environmentally friendly properties.

Relief supplies dispatched from the Company’s warehouse

Relief supplies delivered to an evacuation shelter by an NPO

The Company’s supplies (air cushions) distributed to an evacuation shelter

Flow for the provision of disaster relief supplies

Distribution of Disaster Relief Supplies in Fiscal 2016

The Kumamoto Earthquake that struck Japan in 2016 caused significant damage. The Mitsui Chemicals Group would like to express its heartfelt condolences to the victims of the disaster and especially to the those who lost the life of a family member or loved one.

Working hand-in-hand with the NPOs Team Rescue*1 and Peace Winds Japan*2, the Mitsui Chemicals Group was quick to assess conditions at the affected areas in the immediate wake of the disaster. The Group maintains a constant stock of supplies of its various materials at the warehouses of its various business sites. Following the Kumamoto Earthquake, the Group distributed relief supplies (details provided below) to Kumamoto City and Mashiki-machi. Working through customers of Group company Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc. similar relief supplies were also delivered. Furthermore, the Group took steps to supply its TAFNEL™ Oil Blotter™*3 oil adsorbent products made from nonwoven fabrics at the request of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for use by the local emergency headquarters.
In addition, donations totaling ¥10 million were made through Kumamoto Prefecture to the people affected by the disaster and disaster-stricken areas. In recognition of these endeavors, the Mitsui Chemicals Group received letters of appreciation from the Governor of Kumamoto Prefecture, the Minister of State for Special Missions, and the Economy, Trade and Industry Minister.
Looking ahead, the Mitsui Chemicals Group will continue to consider and carry out ways to swiftly provide disaster relief support.

Team Rescue:
An NPO that engages in emergency relief support activities spearheaded by students. Window

Peace Winds Japan:
An NGO that provides support to people ravaged by conflicts, disaster, and a variety of social issues including poverty. Window

TAFNEL™ Oil Blotter™:
A mat-shaped oil adsorbent material made from a waterproof polypropylene-based nonwoven fabric that boasts special oil absorbency characteristics.

Summary of Relief Supplies (Fiscal 2016)

Date Provided Location Contact Details of Relief Supplies Provided
April 19 Musashi Elementary School and surrounding areas as well as residences in the East District of Kumamoto Prefecture Team Rescue ・ Air cushions made from EVOLUE™ (1,000)
・ Blue sheets (100)
April 17 Gymnasium in Mashiki-machi Peace Winds Japan ・ Urethane mattresses (400)
・ Blue sheets (250)
・ Emergency water bags (1,000)
・ Plastic wrapping film (70 rolls)
April 17 Support through customers of Sekisui Chemical Agro, Inc. in disaster-stricken areas ・ Urethane mattresses (100)
・ Blue sheets (150)
・ Emergency water bags (500)
・ Plastic tanks (75)
April 26 Support through customers of Sekisui Chemical Agro, Inc. in disaster-stricken areas ・ Urethane mattresses (40)
・ Blue sheets (100)
・ Emergency water bags (500)
April 28 Local emergency headquarters The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan ・ TAFNEL™ Oil Blotter™ (1,000)
May 6 Gymnasium in Mashiki-machi Peace Winds Japan ・ Urethane mattresses (80)
・ Blue sheets (50)
May 10 Musashi Elementary School and surrounding areas as well as residences in the East District of Kumamoto Prefecture Team Rescue ・ Blue sheets (50)

Great East Japan Earthquake: Working to Support New Disaster Recovery Activities

Five years that have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake struck. During that time, the Mitsui Chemicals Group provided assistance, materials, and monetary donations immediately after the disaster as well as organized a series of laboratory classes in the wonders of chemistry in Minamisanriku (Miyagi Prefecture). In addition, over the past few years, Mitsui Chemicals has been involved with such initiative as forming a group with other companies to provide assistance to Minamisanriku Town, holding the Minamisanriku Support Marché, and conducting hearings on the future of the community.
In fiscal 2016, Mitsui Chemicals reexamined its activities to mark the fifth anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake mainly from the perspectives of core operations/products, collaboration with companies/NGOs, and rebuilding the area better than before. In order to fulfill the town’s request to create industries that bring together the community and companies while fostering local pride, we moved forward with a business plan with three other companies, resulting in the launch of Discover the Future Minamisanriku (commonly known as DF336) with the support of two additional companies.
DF336 involves engaging in discussions about creating a vision of community pride, what is required to realize this, and what companies can do to help based on the community’s history, culture, and disaster status. In keeping with the town’s characteristics under the key words—forest, home, ocean, and people—a future-oriented joint business creation action plan proposal will then be presented to the community that leverages the strengths of each company.
Looking ahead, we will take action based on our activities in fiscal 2016 to deepen interaction, collaboration, and joint business creation that extends beyond the community and companies to include NGOs and entrepreneurs.

Discover the Future Minamisanriku