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Working with Our Employees

Promoting Diversity

The Mitsui Chemicals Group has set "Diversity," "Challenge" and "One Team" as the three core values to be shared and held in high regard among Group employees around the world. To realize the wish, encapsulated in those core values, to "create a company in which each and every employee can put their all into their work," we actively deploy initiatives designed to encourage "Diversity" and "Inclusion."

Aiming for human resource diversity that emphasized gender equality, we expanded the activities of our Group’s Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, which had started with the establishment of a Promotion and Development of Women Team in 2006. We added new perspectives, such as “Acceptance of / Co-existence with Different Cultures” associated with the expansion of global management and the recruitment and active utilization of people with disabilities, and reorganized into the Diversity Promotion Team (2011) and the Diversity Promotion Department (2015). In addition to aiming to realize our core values, we are working to raise awareness of diversifying employee career paths and adapt to changing values toward work styles.

Promoting Women in the Workplace

The Mitsui Chemicals Group was focusing its efforts on proactively leveraging the capabilities of women in its operations even before establishing the Promotion and Development of Women Team in 2006. These efforts include dispatching female employees to plants and employing women in positions with promotion prospects. Although we have made steady progress in our efforts to foster a corporate culture that encourages the ongoing employment of women over the past decade, we are still facing issues. There remains a lack of consistency in annual female employment rates, there are small numbers of women with technical backgrounds applying and being hired, and a low percentage of female managers.
Under the 2025 Long-term Business Plan, we have set a target rate of female managers (line managers or higher) of 10% or more (Mitsui Chemicals parent company-registered employees). Since one reason for the currently low numbers is that the ratio of all employees accounted for by women is comparatively small, we are also working to set a numerical target for the female employment recruitment ratio.

A Message from the President

Our goal is to remain an attractive corporate group in which everyone is able to fully demonstrate his or her capabilities.

The Mitsui Chemicals Group recognizes the importance of diversity in ensuring sustainable growth both for the Group and society. Based on this understanding, we have positioned diversity as one of our core values.
Advancing diversity is an important business strategy. We strongly believe that a diverse pool of human resources, characterized by wide-ranging experiences and a wealth of new ideas, is the driving force behind innovation, a key source of sustainable growth.
As a part of its efforts to promote diversity, the Mitsui Chemicals Group works diligently to foster a corporate culture in which women are able to excel. Moving forward, we will redouble our efforts to support female employees to take up the challenge of advancing their careers. We will also look to promote a growing number of women to positions of senior management.
The Mitsui Chemicals Group is committed to building a workplace environment in which employees can make the most of their strengths and capabilities. In this manner, we will continue to pursue innovation and work toward becoming an attractive corporate group.

Tsutomu Tannowa
President and CEO

Number/Ratio of Female Employees Hired

  Fiscal 2016
Total number of employees hired and registered to Mitsui Chemicals parent company 295
Number of female employees hired 43
Ratio of female employees 14.6%

Average length of service (Mitsui Chemicals Parent Company Employees)

Average length of service Males 19.7
Females 21.1
Total 19.9

Unit: Year

Promoting Non-Japanese National Employees in the Workplace

The Company began the full-scale hiring of non-Japanese national employees in Japan in 2005.
For non-Japanese nationals working in Japan, we provide dedicated consultation services and the systems to enable them to exchange and share information on a daily basis via an internal social networking service (SNS). In addition to supporting trouble-free work and life styles, we are aiming to remain a company where it is easy for non-Japanese nationals to work and to secure talented human resources.

  Fiscal 2014 Fiscal 2015 Fiscal 2016
Number of foreign (non-Japanese) employees
(Mitsui Chemicals parent company-registered employees)
54 56 55

【2016 Activity Achievements】
(1) Assisted with Japanese language training
(2) Assisted with visa procedures
(3) Addressed daily inquiries regarding HR programs, initiatives, company regulations
(4)Conveyed information required for working in Japan in English and Japanese
(5) Networking

【2017 Activity Plans】
(1) Assist with Japanese language training (communications training, study groups in which Japanese employees are volunteer teachers)
(2) Enhance utilization of internal SNS (disseminate visa- and lifestyle event-related information, etc.)
(3) Conduct inclusion study groups (promote awareness of cultural differences)
(4)Compile English translations of personnel application-related manuals
(5) Responses to non-Japanese national occupational lifestyle consultations (conducted at business sites)

Enabling employees with disabilities to reach their full potential in the workplace

In hiring employees with disabilities, the Company goes beyond achieving the legally required employment ratio and works to maintain environments in which people with disabilities have a sense of belonging as members of the organization and reach their full potential. In addition to conducting training sessions at sites that accept people with disabilities to help able-bodied employees better understand the needs of those with disabilities, we establish incubation periods and adaptation / learning periods for certain lengths of time after hiring and devise measures, depending on the nature of each person’s disability, to enable him or her to smoothly commence work, which is of benefit to all concerned.
We also hold inclusion study group meetings with the aim of fostering a climate that accepts into the organization not only people with disabilities but also people with a variety of personalities and specific characteristics. At the meetings, attendees learn about sexual minorities, and we provide a forum for employees with disabilities to take roles as lecturers and talk about their own disabilities and experiences.

  Fiscal 2014 Fiscal 2015 Fiscal 2016
Rate of employment for people with disabilities (%)
(Mitsui Chemicals parent company-registered employees)
2.0% 2.2% 2.3%
Legally required ratio for employment of people with disabilities 2.0% 2.0% 2.0%

Examples of trainings and lectures related to diversity promotion at Mitsui Chemicals Inc. (MCI)

Year Target audience Theme Lecturer
FY2016 line managers at MCI Promotion of women's participation and advancement in the workplace The director of Diversity Promotion Department
MCI employees IkuBoss
(an ideal boss who supports his or her subordinates' work-life balance and manages his or her work-life balance)
expert outside the company
MCI employees Management with understanding of sex differences expert outside the company
MCI employees Employment of persons with disabilities expert outside the company
MCI employees Developmental disability expert outside the company
MCI employees Developmental disability employee with disability
MCI employees LGBT
(lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender)
expert outside the company
FY2017 MCI employees Influence of diversity on management expert outside the company
employees in charge of consultation services for harassment at the head office, each branch, works and affiliates LGBT
(lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender)
expert outside the company
female employees Women's career and health expert outside the company
MCI employees Support system related to babysitting services The director of Diversity Promotion Department
MCI employees Family care expert outside the company
MCI employees Learning disabilities employee with disability
MCI employees Dementia Supporter Training Lecture expert outside the company
MCI employees How to approach/instruct employees with developmental disabilities expert outside the company
MCI employees Physical impairment
(Visceral impairment)
expert outside the company
MCI employees Understanding Muslims expert outside the company