Mitsui Chemicals

Working with Our Suppliers

In addition to promoting mutual understanding among and improvement assistance for suppliers through sustainable procurement SAQs, Mitsui Chemicals is taking the following action.

Sustainable Procurement Initiatives

Sending Reminders to Our Suppliers

In fiscal 2016, Mitsui Chemicals sent reminder letters to around 2,600 Purchasing Division suppliers containing the following items.

  • Examples of previous discrepancies
  • Request items for each supplier
    Compliance with laws and social norms from a sustainable standpoint
    Avoid engaging in direct price negotiations with requesting divisions regarding transactions overseen by the Purchasing Division
    Formulate BCPs (business continuity plans)
  • The Mitsui Chemicals Group Purchasing Policy Details and Risk Hotline Reminder

Participate in UN Global Compact Network Japan Supply Chain Subcommittee Meetings

Mitsui Chemicals divisions overseeing CSR and the Purchasing Division have been participating in UN Global Compact Network Japan supply chain subcommittee meetings since fiscal 2013. As part of its efforts together with participating companies to improve sustainable procurement throughout the supply chain, Mitsui Chemicals has been involved in drafting industry-wide SAQs, exchanging opinions with NGOs and experts, and raising awareness of these efforts among other organizations and companies.
Mitsui Chemicals is working to improve sustainable procurement not only in its own supply chain but throughout society.

Details of activities undertaken to date

FY2006 Formulated the Mitsui Chemicals Group Purchasing Policy
FY2007 Commenced dialog with suppliers via the first sustainable procurement SAQ
FY2012 Visited 18 suppliers with a SAQ score of less than 10 and assisted with improvements
FY2013 Commenced dialog with suppliers via the second sustainable procurement SAQ
  • After receiving the results of the second sustainable procurement SAQ, visited and conducted hearings with supplier as a part of efforts to assist with improvement measures and good practice suppliers
  • Reminded suppliers of the Risk Hotline
  • Selected sustainable procurement as a Mitsui Chemicals Group key issue (materiality)
FY2015 Implemented various measures including the collection of information concerning sustainable procurement (Participated in the UN Global Compact Network Japan supply chain subcommittee meetings)
  • Formulated a dialog implementation plan via the third sustainable procurement SAQ
  • Implemented sustainable procurement training targeting all Mitsui Chemicals Procurement Division employees
  • Sent reminder letters requesting that suppliers adhere to laws and regulations