Next Generation Plants

Our Aim: Smart Plants That Facilitate Human Capabilities

Mitsui Chemicals Group aims to construct next generation plants that can manufacture a wide variety of high-performance products while ensuring safety, stability, high quality, and high efficiency. The plants will facilitate human capabilities by combining manufacturing technical know-how cultivated over the years with cutting-edge technologies, such as IoT and AI.

Overview of Our Initiatives

We will continue to enhance our competitiveness and improve productivity through each of the following initiatives:

Initiatives Example actions Anticipated effects
① Safe and stable operations
  • Analyzing big data to detect equipment abnormalities
  • Enhancing monitoring with high-performance cameras
Preventing accidents and other trouble, Minimizing lost opportunities
② Quality stabilization
  • Using AI to forecast quality
  • Introducing soft sensors to stabilize quality
  • Using machine learning to detect quality abnormalities
Reducing quality loss, Reducing burden on operators
③ Higher efficiency
  • Using big data to optimize utilities
  • Using tablets to make maintenance operations more effective
Improving yield, Reducing utility costs, Accelerating reporting
④ Human resources training
  • Using virtual reality in safety training
  • Using machine learning to make document searches more effective
Improving safety awareness, Enhancing intergenerational communication of techniques

Initiative Case Study: Using Big Data to Optimize Utilities

We analyze all the operational data accumulated to date on a big data basis and then calculate the optimal operational conditions for boilers and turbines. Costs for all plant utilities (electricity and steam) are kept as low as possible by monitoring fuel costs, purchased power costs, the status of all plant operations, and other factors in real time while ensuring operations under optimal conditions. We currently do this at our Osaka Works, and our efforts have helped reduce the utility costs of the entire plant. Going forward, we will continue working to enhance the entire Company’s competitiveness by rolling out this initiative to other plants.

Using big datato optimize utilities
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