In its 2025 Long-Term Business Plan, the Mitsui Chemicals Group has defined its ideal future society as embodying “a cohesive society that is in harmony with the environment,” “health and happiness in an aging society,” and “industrial platforms that are in harmony with local communities.” To help realize this future, the Group has set targets in line with the triple bottom line management with a focus on economy, environment, and society.
Using the strengths it has accumulated over its 100-year history, the Group will work to achieve these goals as a highly profitable, growing, and sustainable company that contributes to society.

Three basic strategies providing value to society

Three basic strategies providing value to society Three basic strategies providing value to society

7 ISSUES in FY2018

Business Strategy

1Expansion and growth in three targeted business domains

  • Diversification of investment themes
  • Business expansion, including in peripheral business areas
  • Secure production capacity corresponding to demands

2Accelerate development of next generation businesses and creation of new products

3Further strengthen competitiveness of the Basic Materials business


4Enhance works bases by utilizing advanced technologies

5Improve safety technologies and enhance manufacturing site capabilities


6Enhance group-global management

7Promote ESG management

Financial Targets

  2025 Long-Term Business Plan Target FY2017 Results FY2018 Outlook
Operating Income ¥200 billion ¥103.5 billion ¥106billion
Net Sales ¥2,000 billion ¥1,328.5 billion ¥1,480billion
ROE 10% or more 14.9% 14.7%
ROS 10% 7.8% 7.2%
Net D/E 0.8 or less 0.75 0.70
Total return ratio of 30% or more
Stable and continuous dividend increase Flexibly acquire treasury stock
Dividends ¥90/share*
Acquire treasury stock: ¥5.0 billion
(Total return ratio: 32%)
Dividends ¥100/share
(Aim to gradually achieve a total return ratio of 30% or more by continuously and steadily increasing dividends and flexibly acquiring treasury stock.)
¥1,000 billion
Including strategic investment
¥400 billion
(Total for the 10-year period, excluding maintenance investments)
Capital expenditures
¥81.2 billion
(Including acquisition of shares of ARRK CORPORATION
¥23.9 billion)
Capital expenditures
¥84.0 billion
R&D expenses ¥70.0 billion ¥33.4 billion ¥36.0billion

*On October 1, 2017, Mitsui Chemicals conducted a 5-to-1 share consolidation. All dividends have been recalculated based on the share consolidation.

Environmental and Social Targets


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