Message from the President & CEO

December 2018

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of our shareholders for their continued support.

Record high first-half operating income achieved for the third consecutive year

In the first half of fiscal 2018, operating income outperformed our initial plan, reaching ¥49.7 billion. This means we posted a record high first-half operating income for the third consecutive year. Despite changes in the market environment, such as the hike in crude oil and naphtha prices, we were able to set the new record thanks to strong sales in the three growth domains of Mobility, Health Care, and Food & Packaging as well as profit secured in Basic Materials.

Taking this encouraging performance into consideration, the Company set the interim dividend at ¥50 per share, up ¥5 from the interim dividend for the previous fiscal year.

In addition, on November 1, 2018, the Company decided to repurchase its own shares with an upper limit of ¥10 billion. The Company will continue to aim for a total return ratio of 30% or more.

Under its long-term business plan, the Company has set an ambitious goal of achieving ¥200 billion in operating income in fiscal 2025 and has been taking steps to achieve further growth.

At the Mitsui Chemicals Group, we are committed to the sustainable development of society and the Group by creating new customer value and helping to resolve social challenges through our business activities.

I respectfully ask for the continued support and cooperation of all shareholders.

Tsutomu Tannowa
President & CEO
December 2018


Tsutomu Tannowa

Joined Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals in 1976. After having participated in construction of a chemical complex in Algeria, Tannowa went on to marketing and sales of basic chemicals. He was then asked to overhaul the company’s human resources where he set his sights on modifying the company’s codes and regulations. These efforts became a key part of the company’s “New” Mitsui Chemicals transformation.

Appointed as managing executive officer in 2010, Tannowa was responsible for overseeing all major business operations from 2012. In 2013, as senior managing executive officer, he became one of the moving forces in restructuring the company’s business operations and the compilation of the company’s 2014 Mid-Term Business Plan. Tannowa was appointed President and CEO of Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. as of April 1st 2014,