Health Care Business Sector

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Interest in "Health" has grown in response to the low birthrates and aging populations of developed countries coupled with economic growth in emerging countries. Recognizing the increasingly diverse nature of the market's needs, the Mitsui Chemicals Group provides products that help improve the Quality of Life (QOL) while bolstering health and happiness in an aging society.

Business Vision

Social Issues and Needs

Health awareness has been on the rise against a backdrop of declining birthrates and aging populations in advanced countries and economic growth in emerging countries. Customer values have diversified, and individual preferences and needs have grown. Customers have come to look for “care” which fits their life stage.

Business Vision

The Mitsui Chemicals Group aims to establish new growth platforms by creating and providing products and services that help improve QOL through innovation in chemicals.


Vision Care

  • A broad product lineup


  • Comprehensive technological capabilities that extend from base resins to final processing
  • A robust customer base

Dental Materials

  • Global brand power
  • A deep understanding of the dental industry
  • Research and development capabilities that cover materials ranging from basic to dental

Opportunities & Risks

Vision Care

  • Global market growth


  • Growing popularity of disposable diapers made in Japan; a growing export market for premium disposable baby diapers
  • Steps to increase production capacity by competitors in East and Southeast

Dental Materials

  • Rapid changes in trends (growing shift toward compact instruments) and expansion of the digital dental technology market


Vision Care

  • Further business growth through the release and nurturing of new products into the market


  • Full production and sales on the back of strategic collaboration with lead users
  • Definitive implementation of production capacity increase and enhancement plans

Dental Materials

  • Business growth through product investments that support and promote digitization

Strategic Product Lineups

Main Products

Vision Care Materials
Ophthalmic lens materials (MR™, RAV7™)
Photochromic lenses materials (SunSensors™)

Nonwoven fabrics (SYNTEX™, TAFNEL™)
Breathable films (ESPOIR™), Polyolefin synthetic

Personal Care Materials

Dental Materials
Restoratives (Charisma™, Venus™), Adhesives(Super-Bond™, i-Bondv™), Artificial teeth, Denturematerials (Pala™), Impression (Flextime™),Digital equipment / materials (Cara™, Dima™)

Ophthalmic Lens Materials


High-performance nonwovens


Departments and Products

Vision Care Materials Division

Nonwovens Division


Aiming for Medium- and Long-Term Growth

Growing Toward 2025

Growth investments that have been undertaken in each business area are expected to progressively contribute to earnings from fiscal 2017. While strengthening existing businesses and expanding overseas, the Group is enhancing its ability to provide health care solutions by expanding its lineup of new products and creating new businesses in areas peripheral to existing operations.

Vision Care

In addition to the steady expansion in sales of our flagship MR™ series of high refractive index eyeglass lens materials, Mitsui Chemicals will continue to strengthen sales of products based on the high quality coating materials the company has built up and developed as well as new technologies and materials to meet the diversifying needs of society, and to implement development with the aim of expanding the potential of materials for lenses.


In February 2017, operations commenced at a newly expanded breathable film facility in Thailand. In March 2018, Mitsui Chemicals plans to launch operations at two high-performance nonwoven facilities in Japan. These new facilities will increase the Group’s nonwoven production capacity by roughly 20% to 115,000 tons per year. As the disposable diaper market in Asia continues to experience growth, we will maintain our leading position by vigorously addressing the needs of the premium disposable diaper market.

Oral Care

Our highly cost competitive structure for the dental materials business is gradually coming together. Taking full advantage of technological synergies across the Group, we are steadily promoting the transition from metal to plastic materials as a part of a drive to establish a third core business in the Health Care domain.
We are working to provide a continuous stream of health care solutions, including a mouthpiece that helps to alleviate obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) now available in the United States.

Business Model
Business Model

TOPICS - Special Feature on Strategic Products

Advances in the Dental Materials Business

Subsidiary Sun Medical Co., Ltd. boasts a large market share dental adhesives, a core product line selling 30 years in Japan. In 2013, the Mitsui Chemicals Group acquired Heraeus Kulzer GmbH, which, with well-known brands, is the sixth-largest maker of dental materials in the world.
 Consolidating under the Kulzer brand in 2017, we are expanding the business globally. Leveraging the strengths of these two companies, we are using the polymer science technologies of Mitsui Chemicals to look to revolutionized dental materials to provide products and services needed by dentists and dental laboratories.
 Nowadays, development of digitalization is also seen in dental materials business. Crowns, bridges and other oral repair items are more often designed and produced by digital instruments. The Group is rapidly responding to the trend of digital solutions and expanding its business into new fields of diagnosis, treatment and prevention besides its traditional field of oral restoration.

Highly Functional Hygiene Nonwoven Fabrics with Excellent Flexibility and Stretchability

In East and Southeast Asia, disposable diapers are being used by more consumers, especially high-quality, highly functional premium disposable diapers made in Japan have risen in popularity in China. In addition to such basics as leakproof, breathability, and no diaper rash, consumers desire higher functionality, such as comfort and a snug fit. Developed with the technologies of the Mitsui Chemicals Group, our nonwoven fabric features excellent flexibility and stretchability that satisfies these advanced consumer needs, winning accolades as a result. We fully leverage our three-pronged Asian production structure in Japan, Thailand, and China to ensure a reliable supply of highly functional nonwoven fabric and are constantly expanding our supply capacity to meet growing demand.
 Moreover, we are developing the product for such new fields as medical applications in a bid to maintain and expand our top-level share of the Asian market for high-performance nonwoven fabrics.

Highly Functional Hygiene Nonwoven Fabrics with Excellent Flexibility and Stretchability
Highly Functional Hygiene Nonwoven Fabrics with Excellent Flexibility and Stretchability class=
Mitsui Chemicals Developed AIRYFATM The World’s First High Strength Flexible Nonwoven

AIRYFA™ is a high-performance nonwoven that is gentle on skin, simultaneously materializing softness and strength. By capitalizing on its proprietary polyolefin spinning technology and producing this thin textile with a hollow structure that is characterized by a superior soft feeling and evenness, Mitsui Chemicals has simultaneously realized both softness and strength, which the conventional technology could not achieve.
 This is an eco-friendly nonwoven that takes global environmental issues into consideration since the thin textile with a hollow structure reduces the amount of plastic used as a raw material.

A World Leader in Vision Care Materials

The Mitsui Chemicals Group offers a wide range of ophthalmic plastic lens materials, from low-refractive to high-refractive indices.
In particular, our MR™ series of world-leading high refractive lens materials have become the de facto standard for thin and lightweight lens materials.
The Mitsui Chemicals Group aims to provide comprehensive solutions for diverse needs, instead of simply providing lens materials for vision correction. We are expanding the potential of lens materials, addressing social needs for health and comfort, by leveraging our technologies in wavelength control, polarization, and photochromic technologies.

A World Leader in Vision Care Materials

Ensuring Eye Health and Comfort by Controlling the Amount of Light

Light wavelength technology to cut high-energy visible light in the 400-420 nm part of the spectrum, in addition to blocking all ultraviolet wavelengths
Light wavelength technology to cut high-energy visible light in the 400-420 nm part of the spectrum, in addition to blocking all ultraviolet wavelengths
Light wavelength technology to decrease glare and support contrast sensitivity
Light wavelength technology to decrease glare and support contrast sensitivity
Photochromic technology to control the light by darkening and lightening in response to ultraviolet light
Photochromic technology to control the light by darkening and lightening in response to ultraviolet light
Polarization technology to provide clear sight by cutting the diffuse reflection of light
Polarization technology to provide clear sight by cutting the diffuse reflection of light

TOPICS - Helping to Address Social Issues

Second Do Green™ Activity in India

The Mitsui Chemicals Group is developing plant-derived products under the Do Green™ name to help realize a society in harmony with the environment. Do Green™ MR-160™ and MR-174™ are the world’s first plant-derived, high refractive index lens monomer materials and have acquired JORA and USDA certification as biobased products in Japan and the United States, respectively.
These products offer the same high level of quality as lens materials made from conventional fossil materials. In its marketing of Do Green™ products, the Mitsui Chemicals Group works diligently to foster environmental awareness while endeavoring to help solve social issues.
Over a four-day period beginning on November 12, 2016, the Mitsui Chemicals Group carried out Do Green™ activities in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India, with the cooperation of community organizers, local residents, volunteers, and three local accredited NPOs: The Institute of Cultural Affairs, Holistic Child Development India, and Naujhil Integrated Rural Project for Health and Development.
At this event, which expands on another we conducted in 2015, we gave eye examinations to 805 farmers and local residents (5 times the previous year’s attendance), providing new basic eyeglasses to 224 people requiring them. Another 193 people diagnosed with cataracts will receive treatment arranged by the local NPOs and paid for with donations from the government and local companies.
Thanks to the help provided by organization and volunteers who agree with the Do Green™ concept, we were able to deepen our commitment to supporting ocular health.
Through Do Green™ activities, the Mitsui Chemicals Group aims to contribute to the realization of a cohesive society in harmony with the environment.

Introduction to Blue Value™ and Rose Value™ Products

Blue Value Environmental contribution value
Rose Value QOL improvement value
Rose Value

Sophistication of medicine and medical care

Expand solutions from correction for visual acuity to health and comfort

Ophthalmic lens materials
MR™ Series

Rose Value

Comfortable life and
Prevention of infection

In addition to such basics as being leak proof, having breathability, and causing no diaper rash, we are searching for higher functionality, such as comfort and a snug fit.

Rose Value

Hygiene nonwoven fabrics SYNTEX™