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Health Care Business Sector

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Health Care Business Sector

Interest in “Health” has grown in response to low birthrates and increasing aging populations in developed countries and economic growth of emerging countries. Focusing on diversifying needs, Mitsui Chemicals contributes to improvement of the Quality of Life (QOL) to bolster health and happiness in a long-living society by providing products such as light, strong, and easily processable optical plastic lens materials, medical materials like taurine, and highly functional nonwovens used as material for hygienic products.

Vision Care Materials Division

MR™ Series
The MR™ Series is optical plastic lens material of the highest quality with characteristics such as high refractive indexes, high Abbe numbers, low specific gravity, high tintability, and good impact resistance.
UV+420cu™open window
UV+420cut™ is a functional lens material to make clear lenses that cut HEV light in the 400–420 nm part of the spectrum, in addition to blocking all UV wavelengths.

Personal Care Materials Division

Acrylamide is a raw material for polyacrylamide which is a polymer coagulant for water treatment and a paper strength enhancing agent. Mitsui Chemical also provides manufacturing technology licensingpdf file for a biocatalytic method.
High quality additive used to control the release of medicine.

Nonwovens Division

SYNTEX and TAFNEL are spunbonded nonwoven fabrics made of polypropylene. In addition to being used as hygiene material for disposable diapers, they are used in a wide range of areas such as consumer products, medical products, automobiles, housing and construction, and agriculture.