High Heat Resistance, Thermoplastic Polyimide

A Super High-Grade Engineering Plastic sustaining the state-of-the-art of the 21st Century.

  • Long term heat resistance
  • Heat Shock Resistance
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Wear-Friction Properties
  • Cleaness
  • Plasma Resistance
  • Metal Replacement

Typical Grade

Classification Feature Applications Recommended Grade
Natural Cleaness, Transpalency, Toughness Film, Tube, Manufacturing Equipment for Semiconductor, Cable coating PL450Cpdf files
PL500Apdf files
Glass fiber Reinforced Grade High Stiffness Business Machine (Insulated Bush, Gear), electric and electronic parts (socket, connector) JGN3030pdf files
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Grade High Strength, Stiffness Structural Parts (aircraft, automotive, industrial equipment) JCN3030pdf files
Wear Resistance Grade High PV value sealing, washers, industrial equipment parts, HDD parts JCL3030(vs steel)pdf files
JCF3030(vs steel)pdf files
JNF3020(vs Aluminum, no lubrication) pdf files
Crystallization Grade Higher Heat Resistance electrical and electronic field production equipment parts PL6200pdf files
JCN6230pdf files